Final Grades

10:00 AM

The end of the semester means final grades. You know that time period between the end of your finals and when your grades are finalized? It is so nerve wracking! Thankfully, I'm now out of that period! I'm very proud of how my grades turned out:

  • COM 100: A
  • COM 124: A+
  • COM 225: A
  • CRJ 201: A+
  • CRJ 225: B-
  • ENG 288: A+
So my fall 2014 GPA is 3.94 and my cumulative GPA is 3.80. I'm so proud of myself for doing so well this semester; especially towards the end. I had zero motivation and was sick the last two weeks but I pushed through it and I'm glad my grades reflect my hard work.

How did you do this semester?

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