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Happy travels!

I know I didn't do a post Thursday but that was because I flew to California {woke up at 5:00am} and went to get a Christmas tree with Matt and just was so busy. I know many people are traveling right now for the holidays so I figured that I would document my traveling through Sky Harbor International Airport (Phoenix) and then when I arrive at Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) and then my trip back. So I'm documenting my trip from Phoenix to Simi Valley and then back to Phoenix.

To California:

Sky Harbor is a beautiful airport and it is pretty big. However it isn't hard to navigate around. There are also plenty of awesome restaurants pre- and post-security. Anyway, we got to the airport at around 7am and we had breakfast at Matt's Big Breakfast. I had these huge pancakes and they were so delicious. After breakfast we waited to board our plane. We flew U.S. Airways Express {since Matt works for Piedmont, he can fly for free and he just has to pay the taxes for me} to Burbank. Now Bob Hope Airport is this small, one-story building and you deplane on the ramp {which literally fascinates first-time goers}. While we were flying I got a little anxiety; as we were descending into Burbank we had to go through the clouds which made me nervous because I couldn't see anything out the window. But it was all good.

To Arizona:

The return trip was much more difficult. The way Matt and I fly is stand-by; however the way U.S. Airways prints out their "stand-by ticket" boarding pass does not include a bar code. I don't know why but that's how U.S. Airways does it. Since Phoenix is a U.S. Airways hub, they don't have an issue with it. However at Burbank, they have no clue what it is. The TSA agents didn't understand why I had the same thing and, just like the last time, stopped us and almost didn't let us through. The lady also told me "you're not supposed to go through pre-check" when it was the other TSA agent who sent me that way. It didn't even matter, I would've had the same issue there as well. Regardless, we got through security {after I nearly cried} and boarded our plane. We sat in the very back and had a very nice flight attendant. Matt actually knows her son {who works on the ramp as well} and she was just great. This flight was more bumpy since we were flying towards the big storm, I had a rougher time on this flight but we made it back safely.

Where are you traveling, or where have you traveled?

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