Postseason Baseball

7:15 PM

First off I want to apologize for not posting for over a week. It's been a little rough for me with family stuff and school. Hopefully I will be able to get back on track but this week is really busy with tests and major assignments so I may not get on much.

Second, the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched the NL West for the second year in a row! Yay! So the NLDS starts Friday and that will hinder me from getting on here because I will be busy keeping up with them! Hopefully we'll make it to the World Series this year because then we'll be playing on my birthday! More yay!

Regardless, I will try my hardest to get on here and post for you guys but for this week at least I will be very busy. Hope y'all had a good weekend and have a great week!


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Dots of Happiness Product Spotlight: Personalized Pillow Case!

3:00 PM

Hey y'all! TGTF! (Thank Goodness Tomorrow's Friday)

Today I am going to spotlight Dots of Happiness' "Friendship and Fun Pillowcase" (Pictured below!). This pillow case is a white personalized custom pillow case. Like most items on their website, this item is able to be customized so you can make it fit you or someone else you know that would love a personalized pillow case.

Monogram Pillow Case, custom, $24.99
*click to enlarge is part of the picture*

This pillow case is a standard queen size case and there are many different designs for this pillow case. They have crosses, flowers, hearts and other designs; or you can add your own monogram or name to make it unique to you or your gift receiver! The pillow cases are white poly sateen and then these designs are put on to the case. These cases could make great gifts for a newly wed couple or a college student looking for bedding for their dorm or first apartment.

Check out these pillow cases here: and check out the rest of their site!

*Picture from Dots of Happiness website*

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Miss America 2015

4:20 PM

Last night, Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri passed on the coveted Miss America title to Kira Kazantsev, Miss New York 2014 in Atlantic City where the pageant began! Kira is now Miss America 2015 AND the third straight New York Miss America! That's right, New York got a three-peat last night! They produced Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri and now Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev!

Kira's talent was singing "Happy" while playing the red cup (from Pitch Perfect, if you don't know look up the cup song), which wasn't favorite but to each their own! Her outfit for talent was a blue jumpsuit. For evening gown she had a simple, long sleeved, white Tony Bowls gown (which is I think the white version of her state gown) and she looked beautiful! For her OSQ (On-Stage Question) she had a dark wine colored lace cocktail dress with a sash around her waist. Her swimwear was by Catalina Swimwear, the official swimsuit sponsor of Miss America. She had a pink two-piece and looked very fit.

Overall, I am proud of her for winning, regardless of what anyone says about her, she earned the crown fair and square; the judges picked her for their reasons. I am 100% supportive of her and I can't wait to see how her year turns out! Congratulations Kira!


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Dots of Happiness Campus Rep

7:16 PM

Yesterday I applied to be a Dots of Happiness Campus Rep, and they loved me so I am now a campus rep; so this is the second rep job that I have been accepted into. I hope you guys continue to support me and this lovely business. Dots of happiness is an online only business that specializes in gifts. Some of their categories include: apparel, cars, decals, drinkware, greek/sorority, kitchen, men, office, pets, sports, technology and weddings! I am so happy to be working with this company, and happy to showcase their products to y'all!

Visit them and check out their website at or just click the tab at the top of the page labelled "Dots of Happiness"!


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Item Review: Preppy & Co Monogram Decals

5:36 PM

Two weeks ago I ordered monogram decals from Preppy & Co's Etsy shop, they were having a BOGO (Buy One Get One) deal (come on, who could pass that up?) I bought the decals pictured, but also others, roughly $25 worth (thank goodness for old gift cards!). Anyway, Preppy & Co has so many different color options for their monogram decals, the monogram fonts available are: Script, Vine Curly, Circle, Circle with Border, Times, Stacked, and Block (photo attached). These decals can go on your car, notebooks, tumblers, laptops and anything with a smooth surface. They are very durable and they start as low as $2.00! That is awesome! If you want to see what they look like on items, check out the pictures I posted! I hope you like them as much as I do!

3" Vine Decal in Pink

1" Vine Decal in Turquoise 

3" Vine Decals in Metallic Gold

Preppy & Co Monogram and Text Styles (from Preppy & Co website)

If you want some of these awesome monograms you can either get them from their website or their Etsy shop! You should definitely check them out because they have more awesome stuff besides monogram decals.


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6:52 PM

Okay so I'm thinking about opening an Etsy shop, but I started looking through their site and saw all of the stuff about taxes and all of that, and then I got kind of discouraged and confused. Anybody who has an Etsy shop or anyone with tax knowledge, can you offer me some help please? I would greatly appreciate it!


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A Year and A Half With Matthew!

2:15 PM

So, today my boyfriend Matthew and I have been together for a year and a half! Yay! For this special day I painted an 11x14 canvas of the Arizona state flag! I chose this since I go to Arizona State (and so proud of it) and he lives here with me, we both consider Arizona home and I love the state flag. So why not have it hung up in the apartment, right? Well he loves it and I'm so happy that he does. He had a big smile on his face when I gave it to him this morning and I felt very proud of myself for painting this canvas and with how well that it came out.

Arizona State flag

*Side note: Check out our blog, it is a foodie blog of the places that we go to around Arizona. Don't worry it says who publishes what posts.

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Possible Etsy Shop?

7:02 PM

So recently, I painted a canvas for my boyfriend as a gift (which I'll post after I give it to him). Well, it turned out really well and I was thinking about maybe painting canvases that people want or of famous quotes (or even my own quotes?) and sell them on Etsy.Would anyone be interested in something like that? I've only painted the one canvas so I don't really have much experience in painting complex things. I'm not sure if this is even a good idea or not, but I would like some feedback on this. Maybe I'll show another sample of something and see if that helps in the decision later this week or early next week or when I get around to it.

Anyway, if this does come to fruition, I would hope that you guys support me on it! I'd love to hear what you guys would want to see on the store and a reasonable price range. I've never done this before so I could take all of the help that I could get. I guess I should look at Etsy and all of their policies first.


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Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

5:16 PM

So it may only be September (my birthday is late October) but I'm already getting asked "What do you want for your birthday?" and every single year I never know and don't really get anything. Well this year, since I'm trying to mature my wardrobe and style I have a whole list of things that I would want (I know yay!). This list is in the order of how much I want/need the item. 
  • Southern Shirt Co Jersey (any color, preferably Mint or Pink, size M)
  • L.L.Bean, 8" Bean boots (tan and navy, size 6 width medium B)
  • J. Crew 3" or 4" Chino Shorts from J. Crew Factory OR Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Shorts
  • Oxford shirts, button dow shirts
  • Cardigans
  • Cable Knit Sweaters
  • Flannels
  • Pleated skirts
  • J. Crew Vest (preferably Herringbone, size S) 
  • Stuff I have liked on my Etsy (ask and I'll show)
  • Monogram necklace
  • Monogram sweater
  • Monogram anything really
  • KJP Pearl bracelet
  • KJP Rope bracelet (Triton Collection OR Turks Head Knot Collection)
  • Money doesn't hurt at all ;)
Now I know it's a lot, that's because it's a wishlist! I don't expect everything (a girl can dream right?) but everyone asks so I'm telling! For anything that doesn't have a size next to it, ask me because I probably haven't figured it out yet.

UPDATE: I also found a quilted black or navy very from J. Crew factory for $58.00 and a quilted black vest from Old Navy for $34.94 (All size S). Old Navy Vest:

Southern Shirt Co. Jersey Pullover
L.L.Bean 8' Bean Boots
KJP Pearl Bracelet
J. Crew Herringbone Vest

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Labor Day!

1:06 PM

Happy Labor Day!!!! Today is also the first day of September (Wow has time flown by). Labor Day means it's the unofficial end of summer, except in Arizona. Everyone is talking about fall and fall clothes and cool weather and I'm still stuck here with 100+ degree weather for the next two months. Anyway, I hope everybody had a safe and fun Labor Day weekend and enjoys the perks of fall! Also, happy monogram Monday!

I didn't go anywhere this year (last year I went back to Simi), and had a lot of homework to do (thanks professors!). Regardless, I stayed inside and continued to organize my stuff for the school year and getting back into the swing of things (and monogramming stuff!). So overall I didn't really do anything special this weekend but definitely took the time I needed to relax.

Hello September!
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