Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday

9:00 AM

Whew Black Friday has passed! However today is Small Business Saturday.

First off, I have to share how the ASU vs UofA game went. Let's just say, it went. We lost 42-35. It was a very, VERY intense and exciting game. We tried our hardest to beat them but in the end it just wasn't meant to be. That's all I really have to say on that.

Okay, back to the deals. Here are some of the best small businesses to shop at. Since most of the small businesses that I like are online (and most usualy start online), I'm combining Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday into one post. (Don't worry, I'll remind you on Monday)

One | Deployment Problems: This shop is one I follow on Instagram and Twitter and today they are having a great sale that starts at Noon CST (Central Standard Time). The owner of this shop is the sweetest woman and she does this all by herself. She is going to have Christmas bows, earrings, headbands, tote bags koozies and some clothing! Also, if you're a fan of Cyber Monday, watch their social media for some amazing deals.


Find Deployment Problems here:

Twitter: @deploymentprbs
Instagram: @deploymentprbs

Two | Ace and Ivy: Ace and Ivy is one of the companies I rep for and they have some amazing deals going on. They are an online-only business and they are all about the coastal lifesyle. They are trying to rival those like Vineyard Vines, which is pretty cool. They have simple things like crewneck sweaters and hats but they also have monogrammed jewelry and stuff for the house! You should definitely check them out and support them!


Make sure you order your items by December 9th to be able to get them in time for Christmas!

Find Ace and Ivy here:

Twitter: @aceandivy
Instagram: @aceandivy

Three | Shop Konfetti: Shop Konfetti is a simple yet fun shop that sells skirts, shorts, pillows, prints and loungewear. It is also run by one woman and she is also a very sweet person. She sells Lilly Pulitzer printed clothes but also non-Lilly clothes. Of course the Lilly clothes are a tad more expensive but it is Lilly. I love her skirts (like the one pictured. I really want that one!) they are just so cute and simple!


Find Shop Konfetti here:

Twitter: @ShopKonfetti
Instagram: @shopkonfetti

Four | Preppy Pink Shop: Preppy Pink Shop is also a small shop; they have a website and an Etsy shop. This shop is also run by a lone woman! She says that she does this for fun and once it stops being fun or becomes a hassle then it'll stop; which I highly respect. She sells skirts, scarves, jewelry, accessories, clutches and Oxfords (Etsy only). She currently has holiday skirts on her site and they are so adorable! All of her skirts are just so cute!


Find Preppy Pink Shop here:

Websites: and
Twitter: @preppypinkshop
Instagram: @preppypinkshop

Who are some of your favorite small businesses?

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My Thanksgiving

9:00 AM

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I had a great day. Here's how it went.

We slept in, until 11:30! We didn't plan it but I had been so run down the past few days and Matt had been tired from work that we just slept in that late! Anyway, we ate lunch and then at about 3:00pm we got the Turkey all ready to get in the oven! After we put the turkey in the oven, we made our stuffing and put it in the fridge. We only have one oven so we decided to make the turkey first and then put the stuffing in the oven. We cooked the bird for roughly four hours and then switched the bird for the stuffing. Towards the end of the stuffing cooking cycle, we made these great instant mashed potatoes. We made two packets; one of buttery potatoes and one of roasted garlic potatoes (best mixed potatoes ever!). Then we made the corn and then it was time to serve it up!

Here is how it turned out:

Our wonderful dinner!

Besides making dinner, we also watched football. I am an Eagles fan and they crushed the Cowboys, which made me very happy. Then we watched the TCU @ Texas game and that game ended up being a blowout as well; TCU won.

Overall it was a really good day, This was mine and Matt's first official Thanksgiving dinner together. We spent Thanksgiving together last year but we didn't go all out like we did this year. It was really fun.

How was your Thanksgiving?

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Friday Favorites: Black Friday Edition

8:00 AM

TGIBF (maybe, if you like doing that!)

Today is one of the beloved/hated day of the year: Black Friday! If you've already gone out to get some of those deals, cheers to you. I did that once and I don't think I will be doing it again any time soon. If you haven't and plan to, be safe!

This Friday Favorites will be about some of my favorite stores to shop at that have great deals.

One | Target: I know they opened up last night, but I still love target. I had just recently gotten two great pairs of skinny jeans there. Plus I have gone Black Friday shopping at Target before and it is very organized and the staff is very helpful. Target has a lot of look-a-like jewelry; so if you don't want to spend so much for a necklace at J.Crew, you can get a similar statement necklace at Target for a reasonable price! Also, if you're ordering online, they are having free shipping through the rest of the holiday season.

Two | Macy's: Who doesn't love Macy's? They have a sale every weekend meaning that their Black Friday sale is even better! If you really want a great deal on women's clothing, check out Karen Scott and Style&Co. These two brands have pretty good everyday prices but during this sale, anything is fair game. Today is definitely the day to stop into Macy's to buy that item of clothing that you have been eyeing but hesitating to buy.

Three | Old Navy: I've always been a fan of Old Navy, they have pretty good deals. Today they are having 50% off their ENTIRE store (and online)! You can get some winter accessories starting at $4; that is so awesome! They also have some very cute dresses for a pretty good deal; but what isn't a good deal at 50% off? Definitely go in or if you don't have one near you (or if you're too wiped out) go online and get 50% off everything!

Last but not least, ASU takes on U of A (University of Arizona) this afternoon at 1:30PM in Tucson. This is the biggest game of the season, we're fighting for the Territorial Cup! Last year the game was at Sun Devil Stadium and Matt and I were there. We won 58-21, it was incredible and the atmosphere was amazing! You thought high school rivalry games were intense? Try a college one! Anyway, I'm excited for the game this afternoon! Fork 'em Devils!

Are you going Black Friday shopping today?


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Happy Thanksgiving!

9:00 AM

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since today is Thanksgiving, I think back about everything that has happened since last Thanksgiving. This year has had its ups and downs but I'm very thankful for what has came from it all.

One of the most things I'm thankful for began a couple of months ago. In September, my dad got very sick and he eventually had to get surgery. He is doing better now, and is able to spend Thanksgiving with my family. He is still recovering and will be for awhile but he is okay and trying to build up his strength. However he is home and with my family and he is able to spend Thanksgiving with them. I'll also be able to see him during winter break and spend Christmas with him and the rest of my family so I am very thankful.

Another thing that I am thankful for is that Matt isn't working tonight and I can spend Thanksgiving (and Christmas) with him. He has two jobs, one is from home and the other is at Sky Harbor International Airport working for Piedmont (services US Airways). Well he works Sat-Tues in the evening. However, when he first was training he didn't know the shift he was going to be working and he had to bid for the one he wanted. Thankfully he got it so we can be together on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I'm also thankful to be able to go to Arizona State University. I know that sounds kind of cliche but I really am. It isn't all the party school everyone makes it out to be. Yes Tempe has Mill Ave and is the main campus and whatnot but there are FOUR other campuses, yes four! The others are Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, West (my campus) and Lake Havasu (new). Plus, our president Michael Crow is trying to move us away from the stigma with what the school offers and it really is working; ASU has many services to help students, and it's beautiful!

I know many say "oh be thankful this Thanksgiving" but really, we should be thankful everyday for what we have; even the little things. Always be thankful for what you have, you never know when it could be taken away from you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? What are you doing today? Have a wonderful day!


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What I Love Wednesday

9:00 AM

It is hump day! (And my last day of classes before Thanksgiving Break!)

*This post contains affiliate/referral links

It's Wednesday and that means it's time to share the things I love this week!

One | I love my little Jingles! Jingles is our kitty and she is so adorable. She was a stray that we saw when we first moved to the apartment complex and over the summer when I was in California she came and visited us. She would come by more and more often and now she has found her new home! She loves it here, which is evident by how she just lays in the middle of the floor instead of trying to "hide" like she would outside.

Isn't she just adorable?!

Two | I love my beautiful campus. As you know I go to Arizona State University and although the Tempe campus is gorgeous, the West campus (my campus) is down right beautiful. It has the feel of a small liberal arts college and if you're thinking about applying to ASU but you feel like the Tempe campus is too big (I mean it is a square mile big) then I would definitely suggest checking out the West campus. But remember it does depend on your major. Here's some pictures

That's a dust storm approaching

So beautiful!

Three | I love these new holiday ornaments from Ace and Ivy.

Acrylic Monogram Christmas Tree ornament $14.00

Family ornament $16.00

They even have one for your furry friend! $16.00

You can get these beautiful ornaments here

What are some things you love! Don't forget to take my poll at the side of the post! Only 4 days left!

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Thanksgiving Plans

6:00 PM

Happy Tuesday!

Two days until Thanksgiving! Yay!

This Thanksgiving I will be staying in Arizona, like I did last year. Matt and I will be making turkey together (because I definitely can't do it by myself) and we're going to make our own Thanksgiving dinner. We're going to have Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and stuffing. I'm very excited because we didn't have the "full" Thanksgiving dinner last year.

We'll also be watching football (well at least I will be). Back home we always watched football during the holiday, whether it was just my immediate family or if my whole family got together (like we do on Christmas). Football during the holidays is just tradition!

I will also be relaxing on Thursday. I missed class today and yesterday because I have felt very under the weather so it will be good to have days to recuperate and not have to worry about classes I have missed and the work that needs to be done. I will also take the time to relax because the next week is the final week of classes (YAY!) and then the following week is finals (BOO!).

Friday is the U of A football game, so I have to take Thursday to mentally prepare. This game is a big deal to both of these schools so taking the day to prepare is a must. If you've been in college and had a rival school, you know how this feels. You just want to crush them into the ground and if you don't then it's disaster.

Last but not least, I will talk to my family! Since I won't be home this year for Thanksgiving it is very important that I talk to my family on Thanksgiving. They have done so much for me and it is the least I can do to give them a call and say "hello" to them. I of course miss them but Matt has to be back the next day to get ready for work on the weekend and I don't want him to be here alone on Thanksgiving because that isn't fair.

I'm very excited for Thanksgiving this year. Even though I won't be home I believe that it'll be a great holiday this year!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Don't forget to take the poll on the side of the page! Only 5 days left!


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Rivalry Week

9:00 AM

Happy Monday!

Although I am a blogger, I am also a full-fledged college student and this coming week is one of the biggest ones for ASU. It is now Hate Week, or in a nicer term Territorial Cup Week. This is the week before the ASU vs. University of Arizona game. We will be fighting for the Territorial Cup on Friday 11/28 and this game is very important to us Sun Devils.

Many college football rivalry games have an important name and/or trophy. Our trophy is called the Territorial Cup. I'm not quite sure if our game has a fancy name. We won this game last year and we intend to keep the Territorial Cup in Tempe.

One thing that really goes with this game is guarding the "A". By that I mean that we have a mountain next to our football stadium that has an "A" on it. It is called "A Mountain"; I know so original. Anyway, during the week before the football game, we have a group of people who stay up near the "A" and protect it from U of A students who try and paint our "A" red and blue. We are very thankful for that group of students.

What is/was your college rivalry game called?

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Friday Favorites

9:00 AM


Thank goodness it is Friday! Also, thankfully I don't have class today (yay!)

First, I found this website on Facebook that shows all of the states you've been to and fills it in on a map. I haven't been to many, but I think that it's cool that you can do this. It makes it more real to be able to actually see it on a map. Here are the states I've been to:

Second, I love Arizona State and I was looking around the bookstore website for gifts for my family (I really was) when I stumbled upon a Spirit Jersey-esque shirt! I love spirit jerseys and I really want one. The jerseys are on the bookstore website: I really would like the maroon one in the size medium.

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Crafty Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition

9:00 AM

It's almost Friday AND one week until Thanksgiving!

This week's Crafty Thursday will be about some cute DIY Thanksgiving projects that are easy and not time consuming so you can put your finishing touches on your home!

First, if you're in need of a cute yet functional centerpiece for your dinner table this Thanksgiving? Then this DIY is perfect for you! All you need is:

  1. Some candles, 
  2. Fake leaves (definitely make sure they're fake), 
  3. Burlap
  4. Twine 
  5. A plate to set them on
Then you just tie the burlap and/or fake leaves to the candle using the twine and voila! You can full post on this DIY at

Second,, if you want a little mat to go under your centerpiece or on a window sill near the dinner table, this craft would be perfect. You can have it say whatever you want for the Thanksgiving holiday "give thanks" is definitely a good phrase to use. All you need is
  1. Burlap
  2. Paint
  3. A paint sponge 
  4. An iron
 The picture gives a good step-by-step on how to do this. You just place the stencils, paint them, iron the area and voila! You have a cute burlap mat! You can find this DIY at

Third, I found a really cute sun catcher DIY. This craft is something you can do with your kids/nephews/nieces or if you have children coming to your house you can do this for them. What you'll need for this craft is:
  1. Red, orange and yellow tissue paper
  2. Self laminating pouches
  3. Permanent marker
  4. Double sided tape
  5. Scissors
  6. Dry-erase marker (optional)
So first, you rip up the tissue paper (which the kids will love) and spread them flat on to the inside of the self laminating pouch; then seal it shut. Then it's time to draw the leaves. You can find many templates online but if you or the children need practice then use the dry-erase marker until you get it just right. Then when you get it, you can go over it with the permanent marker. After you get the leaf drawn out, it is time to cut them out! Lastly, use the double sided tape to attach your new leaves to the window. Now you have a stained glass-esque window that will beautifully catch the sun. You can find this craft at

What Thanksgiving DIY crafts have you found this season?

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What I Love Wednesday

9:00 AM

Happy hump day!

Today is Wednesday and that means that it is time to share the things that I love!

First, I love that my morning class today was canceled! My professor is going to be at a conference in Chicago today so she canceled class. I know you're thinking "well duh, of course, she canceled class" but last semester I had a professor who was going to be missing class so instead of just canceling it, she had a substitute professor come in and lecture for her class. I thought it was the most annoying thing. I do understand that she probably couldn't afford to miss class but her reason had something to do with credit hours and "required" hours needed in class per credit hour or something; it was something very technical. Anyway, so I'm very thankful that my public speaking professor just decided to cancel the class.

Second, we are finally heading into the final stretch of the fall semester. A lot of us tend to feel like we're falling off the wagon and have no way to stay motivated. Well, I found a great post from The Real College Student of Atlanta on how to stay on track through those final weeks of the semester. The tips are to:

  1. Organize and plan ahead
  2. Stay motivated (which can be a struggle at times)
  3. Change your environment
  4. Have an accountability partner
The first two I have heard often but they really are helpful. As one of my classmates told me, you have to basically hyper schedule yourself, even schedule your breaks, meals and anything you can schedule. The third one I was taught in my ASU101 class (yes I had one of those). It basically is to not study where you are most comfortable (which I am so guilty of) and instead study at a desk so you don't fall asleep. The last one is one I haven't heard but is a really good idea. Find a friend or groups of friends that will stay up late and work/study with you whether that is in person or over Skype or FaceTime.

Find the post here

All of these tips are very helpful for those finals weeks. This blogger also has another post specific for finals week (since we know that is another monster separate from the finals weeks) You can find the post here.

Third, I love accessory bags, I have an obsession with them. Anyway, Ace and Ivy has some really cute accessory bags. They aren't just blue or pink, they actually have some fun designs on them because who doesn't love designs? They have two types of bags: clutches (pictured) and makeup bags. You can find these bags here.

Yes, that clutch has my name on it (it's almost like fate!).

What is one of your favorite things?


Use code "@ArizonaPrep" for $1 off at Ace and Ivy!
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Marley Lilly Tassel Bracelet

9:00 AM

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today I want to tell you about Marley Lilly's Monogrammed Tassel Bracelet! These bracelets are double linked and are beautiful. It is a one size fits all bracelet. The tassel comes in a variety of colors and, of course, you get your monogram right on it! There are also a few tassel options that allow you to get a silver chain, if you prefer silver. The tassel colors are Pink, Hot Pink, Orange, Burnt Orange, Yellow, Tan (pictured), Brown, White, Turquoise, Black, Navy, Green, and Light Pink. If you'd like a silver chain you can get a Black or Navy tassel. They are usually sold for $24.99 but right now they are on sale for $19.99!

Okay, now that all of that is out of the way, here is what I thought of the bracelet. When I got it, it came in this metallic silver bag with a Marley Lilly sticker that had my monogram on it. It then was in a plastic bag just waiting to be opened and right behind the plastic bag were the very sought after Marley Lilly stickers! I was very pleased with how this item was packaged.

Now to the actual bracelet. It is a one size fits all but there are many links to fit many sizes of wrists. Mine are quite small but there is a link that fits my wrist very well. The bracelet doesn't get in the way when I'm trying to work or type and the tan tassel is a nice neutral to compliment any outfit. This bracelet can go with just about anything it is simple enough for everyday but elegant enough for any kind of event. It is definitely a staple for everyday life and I think that since it is personalized, and a lot of women like personalized items, it could be a really good conversation starter!

You can find these adorable bracelets here!

Here are some pictures of my bracelet:

Tassel bracelet!
Personalized with your monogram and of course the ML emblem!
Tassel bracelet
Double linked chain!
Marley Lilly stickers that come with every order!
Remember to go to and check out all of their personalized products for you or a loved one! Don't forget that if you want a personalized item for a Christmas gift it takes a longer amount of time to make it, so order your personalized gifts as soon as possible!

Marley Lilly Social Media:
Facebook-Marley Lilly

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Outfit of the Day: Rainy Day Puffer Vest

9:00 AM

Happy Monday!

Last week one of my mutual bloggers invited me to her link up that she is hosting. Being new to the blogging world I had no idea what a link up was or how to participate. After thorough research and some slight practice, I think I may possibly have it. Anyway let's get to the good part!

First off, thank you Monogrammed Midwesterner and Prep Northwest for hosting this link up!

Here's the good part: the outfit!

What I wore: 
Striped shirt from J.Crew, navy puffer vest from J.Crew, denim jeans from Wet Seal, All-Star Converse.

What’s your favorite way to keep warm on a rainy day?
My favorite way to keep warm on a rainy day is to cuddle up in bed with a soft blanket and some sweats.
Are you a hood, umbrella, or both kind of girl?
I am a both kind of girl. Some days if it's not raining too hard I'll just wear a hood, but if it is pouring rain then I will definitely bring an umbrella. However it is always good to have an umbrella because you never know when the buckets will begin to pour!

What is your best hair tip for a rainy day?
My best hair tip is to not put too much effort into it. It is not the day to curl your hair (unless, of course you have an amazing and glamorous event you need to go to) but if you're just going to school then it is more of a ponytail or cute braid kind of day.

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is to cuddle up in a blanket and watch movies that I either have on DVD or some of my favorite stand up comedies that are on Netflix.

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Weekend Recap

8:00 AM

First off, happy Monday (hey, you make it as happy as you want).

I want to tell you about what I did this weekend.

Like I mentioned in my Friday Favorites post, I went back to California to watch my high school's drama department out on the comedy Play On. We left Friday afternoon and came back Saturday evening.

Saturday Matt and I flew back on US Airways Express in first class! Besides the anxiety I had, it was one of the best flying experiences I've ever had! After we got back, I watched the ASU football game and all I have to say about that game is "wow". Anyway it was a close game and hopefully we can bounce back next weekend.

Sunday I spent my day doing normal weekend activities. I cleaned up around the apartment and began to figure out this week's blog posts. I also took the pictures for the Rainy Day Style linkup that is also being posted today! Make sure to check it out!

What did you do this weekend?

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Christmas Wishlist

10:00 AM

Happy Saturday everyone!

*This post contains affiliate/referral links

Since it is just over a month until Christmas, I figured I would update my wishlist!
  • Southern Shirt Co Jersey (any color, preferably Mint or Pink, size M)
  • J. Crew 3" or 4" Chino Shorts from J. Crew Factory (Size 2).
  • KJP Bow Bracelet (Blair Waldorf and/or Serena Vanderwoodsen or well any of them)
  • Washi tape from TheSewingPost
  • Bows from
  • Either:
    • Holidays bows: or
    • Patriotic bows: or 
    • Plain colored bows:
  • Custom Pep Jersey from (Shirt color: Garnet. Writing: Line 1: Arizona State University, Line 2: Est. 1885. Print Color: Gold. Monogram: LDK. Size M. Must be ordered by 11/30). 
  • Monogram necklace (LDK)
  • Button down shirts
  • Cardigans/sweaters
  • Monogram anything really
  • Money doesn't hurt at all ;)
Check out for some awesome monogrammed gifts for me or anyone you know! Use my code "@ArizonaPrep" at checkout!

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Friday Favorites

9:00 AM


*This post contains affiliate/referral links

It's Friday and I am very thankful for that. Here are some of my favorite things that I found this week!

First, I found a simple and cute holiday planner (I love planners). I got this cute planner here and here is the home page for the blog: Here is the planner itself: Christmas Planner. I printed this planner out Monday and I am so excited to start filling it in!

Second, my favorite high school is, of course, my alma mater Royal High School in Simi Valley! The reason I'm mentioning this is because today Matt and I are flying back to watch the school's drama department put on the comedy Play On! I was part of the drama department when I attended Royal and I love going back and supporting the program.

Third, I'm always up for a flash sale! Ace and Ivy is having a flash sale that extends through Sunday evening at 11:59 EST! Today's item on sale is the Monogrammed Red Weekender Bag! (yes just the red one). These bags are usually priced at $99.99 but this weekend you can get this bag for $79.99. So you save $20! Check this deal out here!

What is one of your favorite things you have found recently or like to do?

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Crafty Thursday

9:00 AM

It's almost Friday everyone!

It is also my 50th post on here, yay!

One thing I love besides writing is crafting! So today I am going to share some cute DIY's that I found.

This first one is very simple. It is a pumpkin and wine bottle centerpiece. Now the page says "Fall centerpiece" but you can take just bottles and make a holiday centerpiece as well. You can even do something like this for office decor, since it is sleek and (if using the right colors) professional. The link for this DIY is:

The second one I found is transforming your desk. The desk was a plain white desk with a glass top. The blogger painted a design, outlining it with painters tape and then filling it in with pink. Then she put her monogram in the center using a decal. You don't have to use the same design that she did. This would be a really good DIY for a dorm desk. The link is:

The last one I'm going to share today is painted mason jars. I LOVE mason jars so this DIY makes me so happy! This craft is very simple. All you need is your favorite paint, some mason jars and some cardboard or newspaper. You need to put the paint (not the whole bottle) in the jar and swirl it as your turning it upside down. Then set it upside down on your cardboard or newspaper so the excess paint can come out and then just wait for the paint to dry. And voila! You'll have your favorite color mason jars! The link is

*Each picture is from their respective blogs.

What DIY crafts do you have?

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