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Today I am going to start Friday Favorites! Here are a few things that I found around the internet that I had to share with you!

While reading some of my favorite bloggers' posts, new and old, I stumbled across this post from that talks about cutting out words from your writing. I found this article helpful since I would like to be taken seriously with my writing whether it is professional/academic, blogging, or my creative writing. Take a look and see if you can benefit from this post!

Pinterest is my second love next to Matt and while I'm on there I'm looking up my newest obsession: Washi tape. Washi tape is Japanese adhesive tape that is sheer enough to see what is underneath it. There are many designs and many places to buy rolls of the tape. While browsing "Washi tape" on Pinterest I came across this pin that describes 20 creative Washi tape ideas!

Here is one of my Washi tape projects that I did last night. It was simple and took roughly ten minutes. Here is where I got the polka dot Washi tape: TheSewingPost (an Etsy shop).

Aren't these jars adorable?!

Lastly, one of my favorite things are when my favorite places have flash sales! Yup, it's Flash Sale Friday from Ace and Ivy! Today's item on sale is Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Monogram necklaces! They are $20 off their regular price of $59.95 for the Silver and $69.95 for the Gold. These necklaces could be beautiful holiday gifts for your mom, sister or significant other! Make the ladies of your life happy with one of these beautiful necklaces.

Check out these beautiful necklaces here.

What is one of your favorite things? Have a great weekend!

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