What I Love Wednesday

9:00 AM

Happy Wednesday!

It is the middle of my final week of classes, and I am beat already... But I still managed to write this post for you!

One | Gifts: Do you have a boyfriend and have no idea what to get him? Most of these things are cute things that you can make yourself because many guys would love something handmade by their lady. They are also inexpensive things that you can go out and do {so you don't break the bank} I personally love making gifts for Matt; and he appreciates them because he knows I took the time to make them. Well here is an answer for you! You can find this article here: http://www.hercampus.com/school/u-ottawa/5-gifts-get-your-boyfriend-christmas

Scrapbooking is one of my favorite things to do {I haven't tried to start one in a long time} and I really do want to make a scrapbook for Matt and I. Hopefully I'll get to start one soon!

Two | The Weather: The weather that we're having in Arizona is beautiful right now. It's been cloudy and cool and not a billion degrees! We may be above average temperatures but it doesn't matter because it is nice and cool.

Isn't it just beautiful?!

Three | The Holidays: It's the most wonderful time of the year! Winter clothing is wonderful and if put together well, they can be absolutely stunning. Pictured below are two outfits, both dresses and the top one is a stunning Christmas outfit and the bottom is of {Blair Waldorf, duh} a flashy yet stylish New Year's eve outfit!

This would be a cute Christmas party outfit!

This would be a great New Year's party outfit!

Both of these are great outfits! And Blair is gorgeous as always!

What are some of your favorite things!

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