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2015 Grammys Red Carpet Roundup

Last night was the Grammys, one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. Although many do care about who wins a Grammy {Pentatonix won their first ever Grammy!!!!} most care about the style that walks down the red carpet before the event! Here are many that caught my eye {for the good and the bad}.

*Note: These are my opinions and you are allowed to have a differing one.


Oh Beyonce, why must you always look so gorgeous?! This dress is simply stunning on Beyonce. I love the detail all over it. It’s sheer but in a non-trashy way. It’s an elegant long sleeve dress with a hint of sexy with the deep neckline! This is definitely a yes!

Kim Kardashian

Kim, what on Earth are you wearing?! This looks more like a robe than a red carpet dress. It just looks so terrible on her. Kim, I’ve seen you be quite fashionable before; why are you wearing this?! With the shoulder detail and the pockets it definitely looks like a dressed up robe. This is definitely a no Kim, sorry!

Lady Gaga

First off, I applaud Lady Gaga for not wearing something giant and obnoxious! Second, I love this dress on her! Even though the neckline may be a little too deep and the slit a little too high for me, it still looks great on her!


Madonna why?! Why on Earth would you wear this?! You’re supposed to age gracefully in your attire not wear your clothes from when you were twenty! I personally think this looks terrible and trashy to be wearing to an awards show. Madonna, it’s time to grow up and dress your age, please for our sanity.

Miley Cyrus

Miley looks smoking in this cutout, low back dress! It also shows how confident she is in her body with all of the cutouts {and she has every right to be}. Her figure looks flawless in this dress and she looks amazing! I honestly think Miley is the best dressed of the night!

Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas

I’ve always loved them! Olivia {Miss Universe 2012} looks amazing in this simple black dress! Nick looks great in his plaid suit {although I don’t like the shoes}. They are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood and I can’t wait to see what they do together!


This dress looks absolutely terrible on Rihanna. Is she hiding a baby bump or something? In all seriousness there is just too much poof in this dress and just makes her look so awkward. The poof starts way too high and is way too full to be flattering. This is definitely a no.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift looks flawless in this dress!! This dress {although looks a little heavy} is just so cute on her! It’s so simple and flatters her frame very well! I also love the color, it’s metallic and the way it catches the light makes it look that much better on her.

{All Images From Here}

Who were some of your most/least liked outfits from the night?


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  1. Southwestern Prepster says

    Taylor Swift was definitely my favorite, but I agree Miley looked great! Also, yeah, so happy for Pentatonix!xx, MikkaelaThe Southwestern Prepster

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