First Four of 2015

6:00 PM

We're four days into 2015 and it's been a whirlwind! Since New Years I've been pretty busy {if you could call it that}. On New Years, Gary came out to Arizona for the very first time! {I also got to watch most of the Rose Bowl! Go Oregon!}

Thursday | On Thursday Matt and I cleaned the apartment until Matt had to go get Gary {yes Gary actually came to us!}. He got to Phoenix around 3:30 and then they picked up Chick-Fil-A! For dinner, we took Gary to our favorite BBQ place, Bobby Q's! If you're ever in Phoenix you definitely need to check it out!

Friday | We went to the mall and I got to buy some boots and a few new sweaters {thank you old Macy's gift card!} We went to lunch at Chelsea's Kitchen {located pre-security at Sky Harbor International Airport}. After going back to the apartment and then going around playing Ingress {Gary's obsession, kidding!} we went to Z'Tejas for dinner! Dinner was a little rough for Gary but overall it was fun to be able to go out with Matt and Gary and go to one of my favorite restaurants!

Saturday | Gary had to leave today but first we took him to Whataburger! After Matt took Gary to the airport {and went to work} I got to play with our new Dyson vacuum! I also played around on Photoshop and made some cute printables! It was weird being alone after spending three days with Matt and Gary but it was nice to have some me-time to myself!

Sunday | Today was definitely a day to relax and get stuff done around the apartment. Matt and I relaxed in the morning until he had to leave for work. After he left I called my parents and got to talk to them for a bit! It was nice and I told them before I left that I would call more often so I'm definitely going to try and do that! Then I vacuumed the apartment {again} since we have a good vacuum now. It's eye opening to see how much our Shark missed while vacuuming.

Overall, my first four days of 2015 have been a lot of fun! I believe the first few days can set the tone for your year so hopefully my year will be fun-filled just like the past few days!

How has your beginning of 2015 been?


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  1. Mom just went to Target to get a new Dyson!

  2. I want to know more about the vacuum! LOL So glad you were able to get a good one! ;)

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    1. So awesome that Gary got to come visit!! I'm sure you guys had a great time. I hit send to fast the first time to say... YAY on the phone calls!!! It means a lot to your family(s) trust me :D


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