Friday Favorites

11:30 AM

This week was only a three day school week for me, which was really interesting. With Matt working at Piedmont, and me having only one class a day {Oh my ENG class is now every other Wednesday at 7PM} I get very confused with the days {and the ENG class will only make it worse}. Anyway, here are my Friday Favorites!

One | Jingles: On Wednesday I posted the mini photoshoot I did with our cat Jingles {see here} and she is definitely one of the best things that have happened since I came to Arizona. We love Jingles so much, she is so cute and just a joy to have around the apartment. She loves to sleep on the bed and cuddle up with us.

Isn't she just gorgeous?

Two | Her Campus: Her Campus is an online college magazine for women. They talk about anything and everything for the everyday collegiette! Many college campuses {including Arizona State} have their own chapters that include their own website. I contacted ASU's chapter corespondent and they said when the new Editor-in-Chiefs learn the ropes they'll get back to me on it! So, we'll see! Check out Her Campus here!

They also have a Blogger Network for bloggers that you can apply for {which I have, I can't wait to hear back}. Learn more about the Blogger Network here!

Three | Ace and Ivy: A couple of days ago, Ace and Ivy popped up in my inbox and on my timeline with Valentine's Day necklaces for the lovely ladies of your family. There are seven necklaces and one is a BFF necklace! They're $48.00, except for the BFF necklace {it's $68.00}. Check out some of them below!

You can find these necklaces here!

What are some of you Friday Favorites?!

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