Spring Semester and BTS Outfit

10:00 AM

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I begin the second half of my sophomore year at ASU! I can't believe that by May I will be halfway done with my undergrad! {WHAT?!}

Anyway, this semester I', taking five classes; two of them are online and one of them meets only once bi-weekly {so I only have two classes that meet "regularly"}. Even better, one of my online classes is a Session B class {it begins after Spring Break!} so for the first half of the year I'm only taking four classes! {How did I get so lucky? I think I'm finally doing college right}. Thankfully my two regular classes both begin at 10:30am {finally no 9am's!} but I don't know when my bi-weekly class is going to be. So here are the classes:

  • ENG 388: Intermediate Creative Writing {once, bi-weekly}
  • GLG 110/111: Dangerous World {online, Session B}
  • POS 350: Comparative Politics {Tuesday/Thursday}
  • REL 100: Intro to Religions {online}
  • THE 100: Intro the Theatre {Monday/Wednesday}
This is my first semester with no 9am classes and no Friday classes! {Hello three day weekends every weekend!}

Okay, so here is the best part about this post; my outfit!

Don't mind my hair, it was still half wet.
J. Crew Factory Long Sleeve Tee {old, similar here} Wet Seal Skater Skirt | Style&Co Double Breasted Military Cardigan | Black Tights | Gray Booties {old, similar here and here}

*Reminder, only TWO WEEKS until Gossip Girl day and the Gossip Girl linkup! Get your outfits ready ladies and check out the smashing details here!

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