Target's Next Collab - It's BIG!

6:30 PM

Today Target threw the preppy world into a tail spin announcing it's next style collaboration and it's one that I have always been secretly hoping for {hint: It all started with a juice stand}

That's right, it's Lilly Pulitzer! In Target's blog, they talked about what this collab means to them and their brand. From their piece, it looks like their going to treat the Lilly Pulitzer brand with the respect that it deserves.

The "Lilly Pulitzer for Target" line will be released April 19, 2015 {so save your money now}. The collection will feature 250 items ranging from home furniture accents, to travel accessories, and of course apparel! It is important to note that this is a Limited Edition collection so, no, it won't be here forever.

Here are some pictures from the line:

I've seen mixed reactions about this line {I personally was ecstatic and nearly crying}. I've seen people virtually screaming {me} and I've seen people denounce the collab saying it will drag the Lilly Pulitzer brand through the mud and devalue it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Here is mine: I personally love Target, I've never seen anything wrong with it. Now about this collab, I think it is a great idea. They are selling items besides clothes like hammocks, dinnerware, and more! These are items that Lilly Pulitzer doesn't sell; so will I go buy a hammock? YES Maybe. Will I buy the dinnerware? YES Maybe. {I want to buy them!} I know for sure that I will go to Target and check it out!

But please before you jump to conclusions about this collab please read Target's post about it: again it is a LIMITED EDITION collection.

You can follow Lilly Pulitzer and TargetStyle on Twitter: @LillyPulitzer and @TargetStyle and there is an Instagram for Lilly for Target: @LillyforTarget

What do you think about this collab?

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