February Resolutions Update

3:15 PM

Wow February seemed to fly right by! With there being exactly 28 days in the month, it does seem to make it fly by! Here's my second update on my resolutions!

One | Spring 2015 Dean's List: Well, this seems to be the semester where my professors don't really put in grades on to Blackboard. I think I'm doing well but I since nothing is graded I really have no idea {which is really frustrating}


Put a Bow on it!

9:00 AM

Happy Wednesday! We're already halfway through the week? What?!

Last Wednesday I posted about a weekly linkup, Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge, put together by! Today's challenge is "Put a Bow on it".

I love bows, they are so cute! Now I'm used to bows in my hair {thank you softball} but there are other ways to wear a bow that many don't think about!

What I Wore

Last Thursday the Dodgers pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training. In honor of that, I wore a baseball bow from Patriotic Bows! {thank you mom and dad!} I'm so excited that I get to wear this bow!

I also wore a light pink bow on Monday {from the same place, again thank you mom and dad!} but I couldn't get a picture of me wearing it.


I don't own a pair of shoes with a bow on them {but I do have a pair of pumps where the top looks like a bow}. I think bows on flats are cuter than bows on heels but I do enjoy seeing both! Here are some cute ones that I found!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

I don't own a clutch BUT if I could I would own one with a bow on it! Sometimes clutches seem a little boring since they're so small but having a bow on it adds the little pop that it needs to be exciting and different! Here are some really cute ones that I found!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Next Week

I hope you enjoy my picks! Next week's theme is Mad for Plaid!

I hope you can join in this linkup! Again it's hosted by and so far it seems to be great! I hope the second half of the week treats you well!

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Choosing Next Semester's Classes

2:00 PM

College seems to fly by. Part of that seems to be because when you're in the middle of a semester, you have to already think about next semester! Why?! I understand that going from fall to spring semesters, there isn't much time in between. But from spring to fall semesters there are literally months to decide! So why start so early?! Who knows!

Anyway, today ASU released their Fall 2015 Course Catalog so I'm going to talk about what you need to do when thinking about next semester's classes!


Daycation: San Diego

3:00 PM

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, Matt and I took a daycation {day vacation} to San Diego. We left Phoenix at 8:45 MST and landed in San Diego at about 9:00am PST. After that we walked 2.6 miles {yes walked} to the USS Midway. It was a nice walk down Harbor Boulevard to the USS Midway. There was a nice ocean breeze and it was fun!

Then we actually toured the USS Midway {I thought we were just going to walk to it}. I thought it was amazing. It was really eye opening to tour an actual aircraft carrier, to see what men and women actually live and work on. There were a lot of stairs, I'm pretty sure I have calves of steel now {and they were pretty muscular to begin with}. Even with all of the stairs and cramped spaces I really enjoyed seeing the USS Midway.


Pinspiration: Blogging

9:00 AM

Happy hump day! I've never done a "pinspiration" post but as time has gone on I have found so many lovely pins that I just have to share with you!

When you set up a blog, there is no manual that gets sent to your email address full of tips and tricks to growing your blog {at least I never got one}. Sometimes you really just need some tips and that's where Pinterest comes in!


Apparently Media Kits {or press kits} are extremely important and before I saw this pin on Sunday I had no idea what a media kit was! As the post states it is basically a resume for your blog. I'm definitely going to use this post for when I make my media kit. I've also already used to it to help someone else learn what a media kit is! Find the {extremely helpful} post here!


Although I only started blogging almost seven months ago, there are always tips that I wish I had seen before I started this blog. This post contains 10 things that this blogger wished she knew before she created her blog. They are real things that bloggers need to think about! You can find this post here!
Although this post seems to be just a recap of posts throughout 2014, this list leads to some very useful tips for any blogger. This list contains links to 15 helpful posts that every blogger should read! I've read these before and they are very straightforward and clear. Check out the post here!

Check out my blogging Pinterest Board for even more blogging pinspiration!

Last but not least, I have something exciting to share with you! Sarah from Wish U.S Were Here is hosting a weekly linkup called...Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge!!

{image source}

When the theme is set, you have a week to show how you A) have incorporated the theme into your wardrobe for the past week or B) how you would use the theme to style an outfit or outfits! 

This week's theme is: Put a bow on it! So now you have until Wednesday, Feb. 25th to put a bow on it!

{image source}

You can see the rest of her post about the weekly linkup here!

I hope you can join the linkup! It seems like it's going to be fun! Have a great day!


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9:00 AM

Happy Monday everyone!

With the 2015 baseball season coming {trust me this is relevant} I have decided to create a Twitter account specifically for the blog! {I love Twitter, so much}. You can still follow my personal Twitter but I am warning you now it will be bombarded with Dodgers tweets/pictures/gifs/anything imaginable beginning Feb. 19 {the beginning of Spring Training}.

The blog's Twitter is @TheAZPrepster and yes I will retweet my personal Twitter so it can feel more personal!

I would love for you to follow me on either account {again, I will be tweeting immensely about the Dodgers on my personal account} but I won't be offended if you don't follow my personal account. So stop by @TheAZPrepster and give me a follow!

Have a wonderful day!

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Valentine's Day 2015

10:00 AM

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I had a great time with Matt! We celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday and Saturday. Matt decided {ahead of time} that he was going to pick up a shift on Saturday evening.

On Friday is when we went out to dinner! He took my to Elephant Bar {I had guessed on Thursday after he printed the menu for me to look at}. I got the Chicken Parmesan {no shrimp} and he got the Kung Pao Chicken. It was pretty busy so it took some time for us to get our food but I really enjoyed mine. For dessert we got the heart shaped brownies a la mode. I didn't eat the brownies but Matt said they were good. I enjoyed the ice cream!

C'est La Vie shirt {old} | Wet Seal Skater Skirt | Tall Boots {sold out similar here and here} | Style&Co Double Breasted Military Cardigan {not pictures}

On Saturday, I made us breakfast {cinnamon rolls} because Matt always makes breakfast and I thought that I would treat him and let him stay in bed before he had to go to work. I gave him his presents, a painting and some "open when" letters. I was so excited to give him his gifts. Whenever I make something I always get very excited when it's done. He also covered someone's shift yesterday {which was very nice of him} so I spent the afternoon with Jingles {not so bad}.

I also did get flowers {yay!}; I got 100 blooms. Matt wanted to do something different than just the red roses {which I greatly appreciated}

All in all I had a very nice Valentine's Day. It was relaxing and fun!

Oh! Also, the Dodgers DMed me on Twitter wishing me a happy Valentine's Day with a cute Valentine's Day picture!

It definitely made me very happy!

How was your Valentine's Day?

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Happy Valentine's Day!

12:00 PM

Happy Valentine's Day from The Arizona Prepster!!

I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones! Although I believe that you should show your appreciation for your loved ones every day, I'm not opposed to having a special day of appreciation. Anyway, I hope you all have a splendid day!

I hope you know that I appreciate every single one of you who read my blog. Your support really means a lot to me.

Also, Mikayla from A Seersucker State of Mind is hosting a linkup! Check it out!

I can't wait to tell you about my Valentine's Day! Let me know how yours went!

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Valentine's Day Outfits

9:00 AM

Valentine's Day is only two days away!! {wasn't New Year's yesterday?} Many of you will be going out whether it be with friends or your significant other. So here are some cute dresses for the special day!

1 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

I like all of these dresses! They're all so cute and I wish I could have them all! My favorite is probably #1 {just because it's pink!}. All of these dresses are very stylish and perfect for Valentine's Day!

Since there isn't really time to order these online, you can still go to a department store and find similar dresses! If you already have this year's outfit, you can never start planning next year's Valentine's Day too early!

What are you wearing this Valentine's Day?

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Favorite Valentine's Day Memory

9:00 AM

With Valentine's Day coming up in a few days I figured that I would share my favorite Valentine's Day with you!

I would have to say that my favorite Valentine's Day would have to be last year's. This was the first Valentine's Day that I spent with a boyfriend {outside of school}. Valentine's Day 2013 was definitely a close second {my best friend Kiana got me a stuffed elephant, and later on a heart shaped pizza, because my then-boyfriend didn't care enough to see me that day}. Anyway, last year getting to go out and spend the day with Matt outside of school was so much fun {even if we didn't really do much}. We did go out to dinner {which is always nice} and spent the day together!

Matt got me a cute necklace and two Valentine's Day themed sock monkeys {pictured below}. I love sock monkeys; they are just so cute! I honestly don't remember if I did anything for him on Valentine's Day {oops, maybe?} but this year I did so it's all okay!

I can't wait to see what we do for Valentine's Day this year! What's your favorite Valentine's Day memory?!

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Beautiful Weather

9:00 AM

Apparently the rest of the country is getting snow and is having a lot of cold temperatures. Not here in Arizona! Here we are hitting the low 80's, in the beginning of February! I was here last February and I don't remember it getting warm this early!

I love that I can go lay out by the pool and relax this early in the year! It's very relaxing to just lay out in the sun and not have to worry about doing anything at the moment! If only our WiFi reached out there so I could blog poolside {I can hope!}

Yes, those are my pale legs
Hopefully I'll start to tan soon! Next month is my cousin's wedding in Palm Springs and I would like to not look pale when I see my family. I mean I'm living in Arizona, I should be tan!

How's the weather where you're living?

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2015 Grammys Red Carpet Roundup

11:00 AM

Last night was the Grammys, one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. Although many do care about who wins a Grammy {Pentatonix won their first ever Grammy!!!!} most care about the style that walks down the red carpet before the event! Here are many that caught my eye {for the good and the bad}.

*Note: These are my opinions and you are allowed to have a differing one.


Oh Beyonce, why must you always look so gorgeous?! This dress is simply stunning on Beyonce. I love the detail all over it. It's sheer but in a non-trashy way. It's an elegant long sleeve dress with a hint of sexy with the deep neckline! This is definitely a yes!

Kim Kardashian

Kim, what on Earth are you wearing?! This looks more like a robe than a red carpet dress. It just looks so terrible on her. Kim, I've seen you be quite fashionable before; why are you wearing this?! With the shoulder detail and the pockets it definitely looks like a dressed up robe. This is definitely a no Kim, sorry!

Lady Gaga

First off, I applaud Lady Gaga for not wearing something giant and obnoxious! Second, I love this dress on her! Even though the neckline may be a little too deep and the slit a little too high for me, it still looks great on her!


Madonna why?! Why on Earth would you wear this?! You're supposed to age gracefully in your attire not wear your clothes from when you were twenty! I personally think this looks terrible and trashy to be wearing to an awards show. Madonna, it's time to grow up and dress your age, please for our sanity.

Miley Cyrus

Miley looks smoking in this cutout, low back dress! It also shows how confident she is in her body with all of the cutouts {and she has every right to be}. Her figure looks flawless in this dress and she looks amazing! I honestly think Miley is the best dressed of the night!

Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas

I've always loved them! Olivia {Miss Universe 2012} looks amazing in this simple black dress! Nick looks great in his plaid suit {although I don't like the shoes}. They are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood and I can't wait to see what they do together!


This dress looks absolutely terrible on Rihanna. Is she hiding a baby bump or something? In all seriousness there is just too much poof in this dress and just makes her look so awkward. The poof starts way too high and is way too full to be flattering. This is definitely a no.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift looks flawless in this dress!! This dress {although looks a little heavy} is just so cute on her! It's so simple and flatters her frame very well! I also love the color, it's metallic and the way it catches the light makes it look that much better on her.

Who were some of your most/least liked outfits from the night?

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College Tips: Note Taking

9:00 AM

Before we get started, I want to tell you to check out because I have a guest post published on love and relationships! Its my first guest post so let me know what you think of it! {I also picked today because Matt and I have been together for one year and eleven months, yup next month will be two years!!!}

So today I want to talk about note taking! If your professor doesn't put the slides up online before/after class, then note taking is that much more important. So I'm going to go through if they do and if they don't put them up online. I'm also going to talk about using a computer/tablet in class.

If Notes ARE Posted Online Before/After Class

If notes are posted before/after class then you have an "easier" time taking notes. If the notes are posted before class, then print them out and take them to class, then there is less for you to write unless you really like to take notes. It is much easier to pay attention when you don't have to furiously copy down the PowerPoint. If you print out the notes then all you have to write is the "commentary" which is sometimes even more valuable than the information on the PowerPoint.

Now if the notes are posted after the class, you can choose to either copy the information {which is helpful, you remember information more if you write it down} or you can choose to write the slide title and then just the commentary and transfer the commentary to the printed slides.

Whichever you choose to do, I highly recommend printing out the slides if the professor posts them.

If Notes Are NOT Posted Online

If notes aren't posted online, well then you're just going to have to copy down the PowerPoints {if your professor uses them}. If your professor does use PowerPoints then it's useful to copy the information down and if your professor goes too fast, then ask them to slow down. Ask questions and participate in discussion even if you're copying notes {it gives you more time to write}. Also, if you're professor doesn't really talk about it as much as something else, it probably isn't as important.

If your professor doesn't use PowerPoints then it gets a little easier to take notes. If professors don't use PowerPoints than they probably use the whiteboard instead. Here's how it gets easier, professors usually write down the most important information on the whiteboard. I'm not saying tune out the professor until they write on the whiteboard I'm just saying you don't have to transcribe your professors entire verbal lecture {unless they tell you that what they're about to say is important}.

Using a Computer in Class

Now that technology is advancing and whatnot, many people choose to bring their computers/tablets to class because it helps them take notes quicker. However, many professors {at least here} are now writing in their syllabus that they don't want students to bring computers to their classes. I completely understand why; I've seen many people goofing around on their computer instead of copying notes. The truth is, it is too distracting to being your computer to class. If you need to bring your computer/tablet because of an assigned reading that's too large to print, then do it but still take notes on paper. However if you don't have to bring it then leave it at home/in the dorms.

You can do whatever has been proven for you to work; if it isn't broken don't fix it. These are just some tips that I've learned while trying to find the perfect way for me to take notes. Do you have any tips on taking notes in class?

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Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gifts {For Him}

9:00 AM

Here is the second part to my Valentine's Day Gift Guide! Check out the "For Her" guide here! Now today is all about the men in your life! Do you ever just get stumped at what to get your man for Valentine's Day?


If you guy likes to wear watches, there's probably a watch that he's had his eye on. If there isn't one, well he could always use a new watch! Watches are like jewelry to men. There is a style of watch for every occasion and a man can never have to many watches.

Special Tie

Nowadays there are so many specialty ties out there. I know Vineyard Vines carries some sports team ties and NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL pro shops probably do to by now {I know ASU does!}. If your man has a favorite team, then get him a tie that will let him subtly show his team spirit in the workplace!

Handwritten Letter

There is never anything wrong with a handwritten letter as a gift. If your man isn't into material gifts as much {like mine} this is always a good route to take. Knowing that you took the time to write out your feelings and appreciation will mean a lot to him. I always believe that a handwritten letter is never overdone or out of style.


Belts not only hold up pants {thank you!!!} but they also add a touch of style as well. A belt is one of the few male accessories that men can use to enhance their look. A nice belt ties a man's outfit together whether it's nice casual or a well suited business suit. A snazzy new belt will make him feel fresh and put together!


Wallets and money clips are very important for men. {It's like a women's purse} Many men aren't like women; they will stay with something until it breaks down {Matt had the same wallet for YEARS until it literally fell apart}. They just don't believe in getting something new if the old one isn't broken; which is perfectly okay! However if you want to treat your man, treat him to a new wallet!

I hope you enjoyed this little two day series on gifts!

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Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gifts {For Her}

9:00 AM

Valentine's Day is almost upon us! I'm here to tell you some things you can get your significant other for Valentine's Day! Today will be gifts for the women while tomorrow will be gifts for the men! So without further ado, here we go!


It doesn't have to be an engagement ring but maybe just a cute little ring that hows you appreciate your girl. It could be a promise ring or just a cute ring {maybe from Pandora} that your lady would like! Many women love jewelry and getting a cute {maybe love themed} ring would make her feel appreciated and loved!

Statement Necklace

What girl doesn't need another statement necklace? There is always a necklace that she needs so why don't you get it for her as a surprise! Statement necklaces compliment outfits and tie them together; they're basically a staple! Like I mentioned above, women love jewelry, and a statement necklace could be used out in the workplace or for a lovely dinner for two!

Nail Polish

Nail polish is always an easy and simple gift to get your lady. Many women like to paint their nails themselves on relaxation days. There is never enough nail polish in a woman's collection; there is always another color that is needed. Since spring is {hopefully} coming around the corner, pastel colors would be great colors to get for your lady.


Many timely ladies love a watch! Now arm party is complete without a watch! {I personally am still in need of a watch} Anyway, giving your lady a sleek and simple yet stylish watch can help her compliment her arm candy and make sure she gets everywhere on time!


What woman doesn't want {need} a new pair of shoes! There is probably a pair of shoes that she has been eyeing and hinting towards. If she has been, then get them for her! If there isn't a pair of shoes she's been hinting at, then just find a par of shoes that you think fits her style!

Come back tomorrow to check out the Gift Guide For Him!

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