Friday Favorites: Blog Posts Edition

9:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to talk about my favorite blog posts from bloggers around the internet! So, here are this week's Friday Favorites!

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation | First Impression

Yes, this is my post but this foundation is great and you should check it out!

The Monogrammed Midwesterner - Rompin' Around

Michaela has amazing outfit posts, she's always so stylish; but I picked this post because this was her first session with an actual photographer! She was so excited about this shoot and these photos turned out so well! She always has great pictures but these are just stellar!

Kate the (Almost) Great - April Blog Traffic Report

This report is really more analytical but it talks about how Kate is trying to reach a certain goal. I picked this post because she also gives her own tips on growing your viewership. Kate says that she'll be doing these monthly reports and share what worked and what didn't.

Prep In Your Step - Graduation Gift Ideas: Guys and Girls

Graduation is almost upon us! Do you have someone special that you need to get a gift for? Then Dorothy has the post for you! She talks about some great gifts for girls and guys!

Gold&Hearts - Finals | Ultimate Guide

Finals may be over for me but I know it isn't for many. Kaylee and Shaguna compiled information from around the blogosphere to give their readers the ultimate guide to surviving and passing finals! {Yes, I also picked this because I'm linked in it. Can you find out where?}

I hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Favorites! Let me know what you think of these lovely bloggers!

Check out The Arizona Prepster on Social Media below!!

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