Friday Favorites: YouTubers

9:00 AM

As you know, I do have a YouTube channel and many YouTubers watch others; myself included. I love watching other people on YouTube. So here are some of my favorite YouTubers!

Kathleen Lights

KathleenLights is run by Kathleen Fuentes. She is a bubbly and energetic beauty YouTuber that I enjoy watching. She's been on YouTube since February 2013 and she's a natural. Definitely, check out her channel!

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is one of the first beauty YouTubers that I watched when I first starting watching. I don't remember when or how I found her channel, but I definitely do not regret it! I love Jaclyn, she is super funny {and she's where I got "yassssss" from!


Grav3yardgirl is run by a girl named Bunny and she is hilarious! Beyond hilarious actually! She's so genuine and natural on camera; she's very enjoyable to watch.


I recently just found Tati; she is another beauty YouTube channel {I'm subscribed to many}. She's a Hollywood makeup artist and does reviews and hauls. She also does some vlog videos here and there.

Alaska Renee

Alaska Renee is a fellow InfluenceHer Collective member and I've really enjoyed her videos since I subscribed. She's very stylish and puts out great content. Recently she took a trip to Miami and it looked so much fun!

My YouTube channel is The Arizona Prepster and you can check out all of the awesome people that I'm subscribed to {and maybe subscribe to me!}. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

Check out The Arizona Prepster on Social Media below!!

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