Life Lately | June 2015

9:00 AM

I haven't done a "Life Lately" for awhile; the last one was right after Thanksgiving last year! So much has changed in the past six/seven months and I couldn't be happier! Let's get started!

School | I finished my sophomore year of college! It's incredible to think that I'm already halfway done; I feel like I just started yesterday! I'm excited to start my upperclassmen classes but I know that these classes really matter and that I need to really focus on them. I'm excited for my fall classes, especially BIO 305, Biology Behind the Crime Scene and IAS 415 Life in the Universe.

Job | I got my first job! Now this really is huge for me! I got a job with Piedmont Airlines and I will be working at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport! I start training next Monday and will be training for roughly four weeks. I'm very nervous but extremely excited! I will be a gate agent, the person who check you in, so if you ever fly into Phoenix, fly US Airways Express/American Eagle!

YouTube | As you know, I have my YouTube channel and I'm hoping to continue doing it after I start this job. The only tough thing will be getting around this training. It's Monday - Friday, so it'll be really hard. Once that's over, it'll be more manageable and I'll definitely figure out a schedule for filming. I'm very happy that I started this YouTube channel, I'm just still trying to figure out how to set up for the best video in our tiny apartment.

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone | This is one of the most rewarding things I've done, and encompasses the job and YouTube. Another I've done outside my comfort zone was drive more often and further from the apartment. I've also applied to Barrett, The Honors College at ASU and I will find out if I'm in on June 19! I may have a very small comfort zone but that's what anxiety does; however I'm so happy and proud to say that I've come so far in a short amount of time.

That's my life lately, how's your life been going? Have you done anything exciting?

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