Day Designer x Blue Sky Planner Review

9:00 AM

If you haven't heard {I don't know how you wouldn't have by now} Day Designer and Blue Sky Planners have teamed up to bring you an awesome twist of the Day Designer. I've had my eye on the Day Designer for awhile, but I just can't justify the price. So, when I saw they were coming out with a collaboration that would be sold in Target, I made sure I got my hands on one.

The Day Designer for Blue Sky Planners include a two page monthly spread so you can plan out all of your big events and have them all in one place! There is also a little column for you called "Notes and To-Do" for you to mark down monthly to-do's. Each month is tabbed for easy access!

The reason I wanted a Day Designer is mostly because it has a section for To-Do's {which is the main reason why I need a planner} so when I saw that the collaboration planner would have a To-Do area for each day, I was ecstatic {and thoroughly convinced that I wuod need it}

So my planner is the gold striped planner. I did want the black striped planner because the inside was pink instead of blue and I love tat color combo. My Target only had this one so I will live with this one. One complaint I have with it though is that the gold foil is already rubbing off on the edge and wear and tear {even light} is very noticeable. So make sure you factor that in before you decide to buy this planner.

Quick side note, I read somewhere that they are going to do this same collaboration next year and that they are in the midst of planning it right now! So if you miss out this year {don't}, you will be able to get in on the action next year!

Are you going to buy the Day Designer for Blue Sky, or have you already? I want to know what YOU think about it!

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  1. GREAT planner style. I used Franklin Planners for years and years for work and very similar layout as I too needed the "to-do" section as a working mom!!!!

    But they were ugly LOL.

  2. I would seriously be a hot mess with out my planner! I love the gold/blue combo of this one, but you're right – nothing beats black, white and pink! Thanks for the review!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules


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