Starting New Traditions

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It's the time where holiday traditions make their way out of the woodwork and into our homes! But, what if you're not home this year and need to make your own traditions? Starting traditions on your own can be pretty difficult, especially when you try to please every single voice.

Starting a new tradition means coordinating schedules with your family or friends, and finding a time so it can happen annually. Starting a tradition also means having to do something that all members will agree with {and we all know how difficult it can be to get family to agree}. It also means communication and a lot of it. Traditions are something that should make you and your family happy, meaning it's important to make sure everyone's needs are met.

A way to start your own traditions is to adapt them from ones that you have grown up with and add your own twist to them, make them your own! Even though it won't be the same, it'll still give you the nostalgic feeling and you'll be together with family laughing and having a great time!

Another way to start your own tradition is to blend two together. If you've just married, or are living with your significant other, and you don't know what to do as your first Christmas, find a way to blend your two traditions together and make your own. Blending traditions into one is a good way of making sure neither of you lose the things that mean the most to you from your previous traditions.

Traditions are very important to people, families, and friends. It's always important to make sure you get what you want out of these traditions and always take into account your significant other and others involved. Make sure you communicate what you want and listen to the wants and needs of others and do your best to make the best tradition possible!

Don't be afraid to start your own traditions!

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  2. With that, make your traditions your own, I love your post!!!! Blend them if you are newly married or a significant other, or MAKE your own from scratch... either way you can't lose. They will become yours and they may change as years go by, but you will always remember them :) Wonderful and nostalgic feeling post!


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