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Happy Monday!

I know I haven't been on the blog in a hot minute, last week I was busy with fun and a family visit! I went with Matt and another coworker to Redmond, Washington on our new route. Thursday I flew to L.A. and went to my little brother's high school graduation! Wait, WHAT?! Yup! My little brother is not so little! Then Friday, I flew back to Phoenix and then went to work! So I've been quite exhausted! However, with a new month, it is time for another blog traffic report! So let's get to the good part!

So, here it is! This is my Google Analytics for the month of May! If you look at the beginning of the month, you can see that I basically had ZERO traffic {this also affected the end of April but I didn't know it when I wrote last month's traffic report}. Why? I somehow managed to screw up my analytics code and accidentally had it in my blog code twice; which makes the code not work. Thankfully, some awesome people in one of the Facebook groups I'm in helped me out. So, this month I only posted eight times; about three more posts than last month. However, I had over 1,100 more page views this month!

May Google Analytics

Something else is that I had double the amount of users visit Creatively Lauren this month vs. last month! That is quite awesome! I also had 91.53% of my 1,806 sessions be new sessions, so I had almost all new visitors recorded on the blog! On the other hand, I had a 79.46% bounce rate, up about 6% from last month.

For Pinterest this month, I had 81,128 impressions on my pins and 38,872 visitors to my Pinterest profile. I ended the month with 534 followers, which was a 124 increase from April. That was the largest increase I have seen to date! I still have not gotten a paid BoardBooster account yet, I have been manually pinning content, which although takes time, I enjoy doing on my lunch break at work or when I get home while I unwind. 

For Twitter this month, I had 136,600 impressions on my tweets, which is basically the same amount I had in April. For Twitter right now, I still use Buffer. This month, I have been quite frequently forgetting to re-queue my tweets when I wake up since I can only do ten. I definitely think that had an affect on my stats for the month. 

I did better this month, and I was actually surprised. I hope to continue the good momentum in June! I'm hoping to queue up some posts this week, so I can get back into a consistent posting schedule!

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  1. Way to go! I know consistent posting is what's really helped my blog grow! I can't recommend an editorial calendar enough. It makes me feel so obligated to getting posts out on certain days. Can't wait to see how much your blog grows this month!

    1. I need to find a way to get something on paper. As much as I love Trello, if I don't see it I forget about it. It can be so difficult for me sometimes!

  2. You should sign up for status brew instead of buffer. You can make a rotation of as many tweets as you want and they will post them on a timer. That way, you don't have to keep recreating posts of the same content.


    1. Ooo, I will definitely check that out! Thank you for the suggestion!

  3. Congrats Lauren! I wanted to do a post every day challenge one month and kinda workshop it with a group of girls!


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