My Undergraduate Graduation

9:00 AM

I know this post is coming much later than I thought it was, but once I graduated, I hit the ground running with work. The holidays meant that work got crazy really quickly. However, I believe that it is better late than never when it comes to posting about my graduation, as it is a big accomplishment!


2017 Blog Goals

9:00 AM

Hey lovelies! Today I wanted to share my blog goals for 2017! Setting goals are important as they help keep you on track with where you really want to go. In 2016 I set some goals for the year, however, I don't think that by the end of the year they were where I wanted to go. I tell you this because I want to share that it is important that you evolve your goals as your plans change, don't just scrap them. So, let's get into my 2017 blog goals.


2016 Year in Review

9:00 AM

Hey there and happy 2017! Today I wanted to share my 2016 Year in Review! I know I'm a little behind, but ever since the day after graduation, I've been working nearly non-stop! Now that I finally have time to sit down, I want to share my year in review for 2016!


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