10 Things Twenty-Somethings Should Get From Amazon Basics

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Hey there! It's the beginning of summer and that means that new college grads are moving out of the dorms, or their college apartments, and on to their new careers and living spaces! Amazon has anything and everything that you could think of including items that twenty-somethings should have or need in their first apartment on their own!

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So, here are 10 things that recent grads should get for their new place from Amazon Basics!

Everyone needs a charger for their phone and everyone knows how expensive they can be. This charger is Apple certified.

Everyone needs a washcloth set and this one is inexpensive for the young adult.

Never be caught without battery life again! This portable power bank will allow you to charge your phone wherever you are.

Living on your own means organizing your stuff! These packing cubes will help you get your stuff organized without making you lose your mind.

You don't need an expensive knife set when you're just starting out. This is definitely a nice starter set for young adults on their own!

You never know what you may need to repair in your apartment or home. This is definitely something all homeowners should have!

I love playing music, especially when I'm doing housework or blog work. This speaker would be perfect to let you play music on your days spent at home!

Every twenty-something dreams about traveling the world after graduation and luggage sets can become very expensive very quickly.

Like I mentioned with the knife block set, you don't need your first dinnerware set to be luxury and expensive. (Mine definitely wasn't!) This set is perfect for one person, even two or three roommates!

Meal prep or even just packing your lunch for the day can seem time-consuming. You don't know what to bring or how to keep it organized. With this lunch box set you can easily meal prep for the week.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup!

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  1. This is perfect for moving into my first apartment! Thanks for sharing 💛

  2. Amazon has so many amazing gems! I actually just bought that phone charger - it's such a good deal!

    xo, brooke


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