#WeddingWednesday Wedding Planning Update

12:00 PM

Hey there! Today I wanted to share how wedding planning was going since it has already been about four months since I have given an update! Matt and I got engaged back in March and our date is set for March 2018! We are so excited and I love crossing things off of our list!

So, back in June, we had all of this done: 
  • Decide on the city and season, Sedona Arizona in March 2018!
  • Figure out the budget, done!
  • Begin guest list, done!
  • Research venues and go on tours, done! I even shared about our first trip up to Sedona!
  • Decide on theme and colors, done! Teal, Peachy Orange, and Slate Gray!
  • Create wedding website, done on The Knot!
  • Book reception and ceremony venues, done! I'm so excited that we have a venue and date secured!
In the past couple of months, we have gotten some more stuff done!
  • Find wedding dress, done! I'm so excited about my dress! I love it so much!
  • Book photographer, done!
  • Book wedding floral, done!
  • Finish guest list, done!
  • Book caterer, done!
  • Design invitations, done!
  • Design the cake, done!
  • Decide on an officiant, done!
  • Research DJ's, done! Hopefully, we'll have one soon!
According to The Knot, we are 29% done with the planning! I'm so excited to see it all come together. The way we have been planning is to tackle one big thing a week, so we are always doing something planning related and so that we don't get behind. 

Some of the things we are still working on and hopefully will have done in the next few weeks:
  • Wedding bands
  • DJ
  • Send out invites
  • Block out hotel rooms (really need to do
  • Work on bridesmaid and groomsmen attire
So, that's how wedding planning has been going so far! Just over five months left!

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