Why Summer Classes Aren't a Bad Thing

9:00 AM

Hey there! It is the middle of June and that means that it is summer time! (It's been summer in Arizona for a couple of weeks already.) Summertime means sleeping in, days at the beach, and summer classes! Yes, summer classes. I know the last thing a college student is thinking about is taking summer classes and back in high school summer school was the literal worst thing ever. But summer classes in college aren't that bad.


Easy HTML Coding All Bloggers Should Know

9:00 AM

Hey there! Today I'm sharing something that I hope will help new bloggers. I want to share a little bit about HTML and coding. I know, it's scary, but what I'm talking about are some easy coding hacks that will help new bloggers with their site. I definitely think it's important for new bloggers to know a little bit of HTML just to help them get by.

Easy HTML Coding Bloggers Should Know

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Simply Gilded: May 2018 Subscription Box

9:00 AM

Hey there! I know, a Friday post! I already had this and next week's posts already done before I got my May Sub Box, but I wanted to make sure I still shared it with you so I figured I would throw in an extra post this week!


Tips for Coping With a Bad Day

9:00 AM

Hey there! Today I wanted to talk about something related to mental health. In this day and age, it seems like from the time we enter school, it's busy busy busy. There is rarely time for a break. Classes, extracurriculars, then college, then a job right out of college, then work until you retire. It can seem very overwhelming and sometimes you can have bad days. Everyone has them, it's completely normal.


May 2018 Blog Traffic Report

9:00 AM

Hey there! Today I wanted to share my May 2018 blog traffic report. I was consistent in posting on the blog this month. I was very happy that I was able to continue posting.

Every month I share my traffic stats to show what my numbers are, how I use social media to drive traffic to my blog and to share that it's okay to have lower numbers. Many traffic reports show these big numbers and make newer bloggers feel disappointed about their numbers. Remember, it's not always about the numbers. You can have lower numbers but a tight-knit community. Stop comparing, and do you!


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