Blog Traffic Report | April 2016

Happy Wednesday!

I’m so happy to be back to posting! I’ve missed posting on the blog! This post was actually supposed to go up yesterday, but at 1:30 in the morning after cramming for my economics final is when I realized I hadn’t written this post yet {oops!}. Now that April is over and I didn’t post this month, it’s time to go over the traffic report!

So, this month, I definitely did not do well in creating new posts for the blog. I only posted five posts this month {ahhh}. Even though I didn’t create new posts, I did share recent posts everyday on Twitter, so that people would still come to my site. The only issue is that I kept sharing the same five posts, so I’m sure people got pretty bored with my posts. However, I’m hoping that as school winds down, and I have more time, that I can get new graphics made for old posts so I can start to share other posts.

As you can see, I only had 847 users visit the blog to total up to 1,723 pageviews., which is down just about 300 pageviews from March. Average session duration and bounce rate is the same as it was last month.

For Pinterest, I had 85,664 impressions and 30,696 viewers to my profile. I ended the month with 410 followers, meaning I gained 50 followers in April! I created a new board for the new brand, however right now I still have my old blog board up. My free trial of Boardbooster ran out, I guess I hit 1,000 pins pretty quickly. I haven’t bought a paid plan yet, I might soon though.

For Twitter, I had 135,300 impressions and gained 67 followers in April. Buffer has been key in helping me boost my old posts since I didn’t really post that much. This is how I continued to drive traffic to my site, with “looping” old tweets. Twitter is definitely my favorite social media.

Overall, I’m not too happy with how I did this month, but it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I definitely feel bad about not posting for two weeks; it honestly felt like a month that I wasn’t blogging. Although I felt bad, it was also good for me to stop so I could focus on school. I have, however, written down a slew of blog post ideas and I can’t wait to get to them!

Have a great rest of your week!

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  1. Hi Lauren! I know you might not be happy with how you did this month, but I'd still like to ask you for some advice. I have about the same amount of traffic, except my bounce rate is pretty high, and my avg. session duration is really low. Any advice for improving that? Thanks for sharing your traffic reports, it's really interesting!!

    1. One tip is to just create high quality content, and make it easy for the reader to "bounce around" your site. Meaning link to another post in the end, or have the "related posts" widget, like I do. Make it so that your readers want to stay around on your site!

  2. I've been blogging since 2012 and I only noticed a rapid growth when I started to blog every day. If you don't blog regularly you are just not on people's radar as there is soooo much competition. Also, I recommend paying for the Boardbooster subscription as Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic and it is really difficult to maintain a good social media following across multiple platforms.

    1. I personally just cannot commit to putting out high quality content everyday, which bums me out. However, I do share old posts on Twitter and repin my blog posts on Pinterest every once in awhile to stay "on the radar". I do agree, it is highly competitive!

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