Blog Traffic Report | November 2016

Hey there! I know I skipped October’s traffic report, and I’m so sorry that I did. I know y’all love reading these traffic report. I got very caught up with school and work and I really needed a break with the blog. However, the school year is just about over and I am ready to get back into Creatively Lauren! So, I wanted to share a traffic report for November, even though I didn’t really post anything. I wanted to see how well my blog did without being updated every week.

For the month of November, I did pretty decently traffic wise.

This month I had 570 users create 705 sessions. I had 1,272 pageviews and my bounce rate was 52.91%. Even though I didn’t post since mid-October, I had more pageviews than I did in September.


For Twitter, I ended the month with 25,900 impressions. I ended with 843 followers. For the past two months this is where I’ve been hovering in the 840 follower range.

I’ve had my Twitter automated through Google Calendars and IFTTT. I figured out the timings using Buffer’s Optimal Timing Tool.


I ended the month with 27,096 impressions and 12,098 viewers for the month of November. I also ended the month with 910 followers. At the end of September I had 839 followers, so it’s an increase in 71 followers from the end of September.

I ended the month with an average of 19,393 viewers with an average of 367 people engaging with my profile. That is a significant drop in viewers from September.

I’m hoping to get my Pinterest numbers back up in the coming months.

Email Subscribers

I haven’t sent out emails in awhile. I currently have 92 subscribers on my email list and I’m excited to get back into sending my list valuable emails, I just have to figure out what that would be.

I’m hoping to get back into posting this month, but I really want to take this month to figure out where I want  Creatively Lauren to go in 2017. I’m sorry I seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet the past couple of months. Let me know what you want to see from Creatively Lauren in 2017! Now that the school year is just about over, I’m ready to rededicate myself to Creatively Lauren!

Also, I started a second blog, Beauty by Lauren! It only has three posts right now. I wanted to talk about fashion and beauty again, but that doesn’t fit in this space anymore. It’s just a little side project right now. You can check it out over here!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s traffic report! Are you a blogger that shares their traffic numbers? Let me know, I would love to check it out!

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