Get college advice from someone who’s been there and made it through just like you. I’m sharing my advice from my perspective that was created during my college experience. Everyone’s experience is different, but I hope that my experience and advice can help you with yours!

Must Read College Posts

Hey there! Today I wanted to share something that I haven’t done in quite a while, which makes me sad. I’m doing a roundup post! I was inspired to do this post by Sara of Sara Strives. She actually tagged one of my posts in her roundup post and made me realize that I haven’t done one of […]

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Decorate Your Dorm

Hey there! This is one of the most exciting times of the year for college students! It’s move in time and that means that you are moving into a new space and looking to make it your home. I remember decorating my dorm my freshman year. You don’t have much space so you want to make […]

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10 Things Twenty-Somethings Should Get From Amazon Basics

Hey there! It’s the beginning of summer and that means that new college grads are moving out of the dorms, or their college apartments, and on to their new careers and living spaces! Amazon has anything and everything that you could think of including items that twenty-somethings should have or need in their first apartment on […]

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