Christmas Wishlist

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Since it is just over a month until Christmas, I figured I would update my wishlist!

  • Southern Shirt Co Jersey (any color, preferably Mint or Pink, size M)
  • J. Crew 3″ or 4″ Chino Shorts from J. Crew Factory (Size 2).
  • KJP Bow Bracelet (Blair Waldorf and/or Serena Vanderwoodsen or well any of them)
  • Washi tape from TheSewingPost
  • Bows from
  • Either:
    • Holidays bows: or
    • Patriotic bows: or 
    • Plain colored bows:
  • Custom Pep Jersey from (Shirt color: Garnet. Writing: Line 1: Arizona State University, Line 2: Est. 1885. Print Color: Gold. Monogram: LDK. Size M. Must be ordered by 11/30). 
  • Monogram necklace (LDK)
  • Button down shirts
  • Cardigans/sweaters
  • Monogram anything really
  • Money doesn’t hurt at all 😉

Check out for some awesome monogrammed gifts for me or anyone you know! Use my code “@ArizonaPrep” at checkout!


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