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Happy Monday!

I want to share something awesome with y’all. If you’re a blogger, own your own business, or are just curious about how to code, then you’ll love this awesome service! That service is Codecademy.

Codecademy gives you the opportunity to learn a multitude of web developer and language skills for free! There are certain things that you cannot access as a free member, like their quizzes and real-world projects. However, you get the lessons for free and can apply the skills to your own projects.
Some of the web developer skills you can learn are Java, Ruby on Rails, SQL, and how to build your own interactive website. Some language skills you can learn are HTML and CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Ruby. There is a wide range of skills for any person at any skill level; you don’t have to be some kind of expert.

I’m currently doing the HTML and CSS course. I had heard about Codecademy from Grace from J’adore Grace; she mentioned Codecademy in her December Goals Recap post and I was very intrigued! I’m very excited about finishing this course. I’m thinking about which course to take next.

If you’re curious about learning code, I would definitely check out Codecademy. Even though they have the free options, they also have Codecademy Pro, a paid service, where you can get access to everything.

Are you thinking about checking out Codecademy?


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