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College can be tough, and it can be more time consuming to search the internet for hours trying to find the information that you’re looking for. I’m going to share with you the top resources that I have found the most helpful throughout my college career.


Quizlet – Make your own flashcard sets, or find flashcards that others have made for your class. You can also share yours on the site so other students can find them later on.

Evernote – If you like taking notes online, you can use Evernote to have them sync to your phone and computer

Trello – Struggling to keep due dates in order? Create lists and cards in Trello for your assignments and then see them on the calendar. You can create checklists, give descriptions, and much more for each card! {See how I use Trello for school here}
Dropbox – Save all of your papers/projects in one place so you can access them from anywhere, even on a school computer!


Mint – Mint is a website where you can track your expenses/income. You can also create budgets, and it will tell you when you have gone over your allotment.

Venmo – Venmo is like a virtual wallet. You can also easily send/receive money to friends and family.

Top College Posts

Why You Need a College Binder – You get a lot of information from your college during your time from when you begin all the way up until you leave and a college binder keeps all of that information in one place.

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Five Tips to Help You Excel in Online Classes – Online classes can be harder than in-person classes. When you don’t have a class to attend, it’s up to you to find time to teach yourself. With that in mind, I’m sharing my five tips to help you excel in online classes.

How to Combat Senioritis – I have some tips to help you combat senioritis and power through your final year of college!

How You Can Use Trello for Your Classes – Keep on top of you classes this semester with the organization app, Trello!
Four Reasons Why You Should Get a Job in College – College is an important time in everyone’s life. However, it’s also important to begin gaining experience for your career while you’re still in college. Here are four reasons why college students should have a job during their undergrad!


How to Blossom in College (Free) – Expand out of your comfort zone and realize your true potential with How to Blossom in College. From academic tips, to time management, to social tips, make the most of your college experience from your first step.

Free Mini Freshman Year Prep Course (Free) – Samantha shares all of the secrets she learned her freshman year so you don’t have to stress about it. This mini-course is 100% free and will help you build a solid foundation to launch your college success

Launch Into Freshman Year ($75) – Launch into Freshman Year is a more in-depth version of the Mini Freshman Year Prep Course. You’ll learn Samantha’s tips about scholarships, time management, campus living, budgeting, healthy living, and what to do while you’re still in high school!
Thriving, Not Just Surviving (Free) – 30+ pages of tips and tricks to help you thrive in college. From roommate tips, to how to approach your professor, Hope has you covered on how to do more than just survive in college.

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This page will continue to be updated as new resources come about.