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Moving into the dorms is an exciting time. You’ve already met {or talked to} your roommate and you’re ready to move in all of your stuff and decorate your new space!

You already should have a time of check in from your school. Make sure you are there on time, early if you can; there are going to be many students moving in around the same time as you and there are only so many volunteers with a schedule to keep to keep it all flowing. {You should be super excited anyway so you shouldn’t have to worry about being late} So here are some of my tips to help your move in process go smoothly.

Bring Any Required Documents

If there are any documents that your school wants you to have/check before you move in, then bring them. Every school is different and some may require some and others won’t; but if yours does then bring them!

When You First Get There, Do Not Start Unpacking Your Car

Yes, you read that right. Do not start unpacking your car and bringing things to your dorm. You’re going to have to check in with the volunteers {and they’ll have carts and volunteers up there} so why do more work when you don’t have to? It’s summer, it’s going to be hot so don’t put yourself through that just to frustrate yourself.

Introduce Your Family to Your Roommate {Or Introduce Yourself!}

Chances are, your roommate is going to be moving in at {or around} the same time as you. Many parents are nervous {they won’t show it, or they won’t try to at least} and/or curious about who you’re going to be living with for the next nine to ten months. Putting a name to the face could help ease their worries, plus why wouldn’t you introduce them?!

Set Boundaries/House Rules

Moving in is the perfect time to set your boundaries/house rules. Communicate your expectations and determine the rules for any common areas {if any in your dorm}. Also, if sharing a bathroom with your suitemates, get together and work out how you all want to handle showers and especially cleaning the bathroom {because who really wants to clean that bathroom?!}.

Soak It In

Once you get signed in, everything else is on your time {unless you have other plans for the day}. You can take however long you want to unpack your decorations and all that. Moving in should be a fun time, not a stressful one! Have fun and enjoy this first step in your awesome school year!

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I hope you have a fun and successful move in day!

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