Should You Stay Home or Vacay for Spring Break

Happy Hump Day!

Currently, I am in the middle of Spring Break and I am so happy about it! This Spring Break I’m doing a mix of staying home and going out on vacation and it’s pretty awesome.I’m always excited for Spring Break; it’s like a little teaser of summer break and always gets me motivated to finish out the semester!

This is something that many people worry about every year, what should I do for Spring Break? Well for me, I have to work during spring break, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t go on a short vacation! If you work, and want to go out on a little vacation, there is no harm in trying to trade your shifts away or trying to get vacation days. It all depends on your employer.

The decision really should be up to you, and you shouldn’t do something just because all of your friends want to do it. If you want to stay home you should but if you want t go somewhere fora few days, then you should! However, you really should think about what you want to do and can afford to do. Think about the pros and cons of each and make your choice.

Staying Home

Staying home allows you to spend your time relaxing, not having to worry about travel plans and just allowing yourself to do what you want to do at home. However, if you live in the dorms there is a great chance that most campus luxuries will be closed and that your roommate will be gone thus leaving you alone in the dorm. {Which may not be all bad}You may have to go out of your way depending on what you want to do, or you may just want to stay in and watch a lot of Netflix.

However, just because you may be staying in town, doesn’t mean you can’t find something fun to do around town. Depending on your Spring Break, local school may still be in session, meaning that attractions you may want to see would not be as busy. You can finally take the time to go to the museum, or see the little hole-in-the-wall restaurant everyone seems to be raving about.

Going on Vacation

Going on vacation allows you to escape the rut of everyday life and get out of town for a bit. Going on vacation also allows you to see parts of your state or the country that you haven’t seen and have wanted to see. It’s even better if you can get your friends to go on vacation with you! You’re young, and should take the time to go exploring while you actually still have a Spring Break.You can take a roadtrip with your friends if you don’t really have a set place to go; just grab a friend’s car, some snacks, chip in some gas money and head out on the open road!

Going on vacation though means you have to make the plans and figure out how you’re going to travel, paying for it, and making sure you have everything prepared for your trip. When you go on vacation, you also have to make sure there are as few hiccups along the way as possible, otherwise they may ruin your trip and your break. Make sure you have enough time to get there and back within the break and also make a backup plan in case your travel plans experience issues {oversold/cancelled flights, etc.} It’s always important to be prepared!

The only wrong choice you can make for Spring Break is the one that will not make you happy Do whatever you know would allow you to have an awesome Spring Break! Whatever you choose to do, save a memento from that experience so you can remember your Spring Break and the great time that you had! I hope you had an awesome Spring Break!

Are you planning to go out, or stay home this Spring Break?

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  1. I'm the same way! I used to always travel to visit my boyfriend, but would also mix in time at home! It was nice have a little bit of both!~Mattiewww.mattiesmakings.com

    1. It is, you definitely need time to relax at home and unwind even if you want to go on a little getaway! It's definitely a balance!

  2. I'm not in college anymore, but I only ever went on vacation during spring break once and it was SO stressful. Weeks before I was scrambling to get assignments done early so I wouldn't have to worry about them right before I left and right after I got back. I drove from Florida to Maine and back, and almost didn't make it home in time for class because I hit so much traffic on the way home (and then I was exhausted the next day). I definitely preferred staying home during breaks so I could get a jump on my assignments and extra hours at work. Amanda | bullet-ing.blogspot.com

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