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It’s almost Friday everyone!

It is also my 50th post on here, yay!

One thing I love besides writing is crafting! So today I am going to share some cute DIY’s that I found.

This first one is very simple. It is a pumpkin and wine bottle centerpiece. Now the page says “Fall centerpiece” but you can take just bottles and make a holiday centerpiece as well. You can even do something like this for office decor, since it is sleek and (if using the right colors) professional. The link for this DIY is: http://placeofmytaste.com/2014/09/diy-fall-centerpiece.html

The second one I found is transforming your desk. The desk was a plain white desk with a glass top. The blogger painted a design, outlining it with painters tape and then filling it in with pink. Then she put her monogram in the center using a decal. You don’t have to use the same design that she did. This would be a really good DIY for a dorm desk. The link is: http://www.prepavenue.com/2013/09/desk-transformation.html?m=1

The last one I’m going to share today is painted mason jars. I LOVE mason jars so this DIY makes me so happy! This craft is very simple. All you need is your favorite paint, some mason jars and some cardboard or newspaper. You need to put the paint (not the whole bottle) in the jar and swirl it as your turning it upside down. Then set it upside down on your cardboard or newspaper so the excess paint can come out and then just wait for the paint to dry. And voila! You’ll have your favorite color mason jars! The link is http://www.cape27blog.com/2012/08/diy-painted-mason-jars/

*Each picture is from their respective blogs.

What DIY crafts do you have?


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