Why You Need to Create Multiple Pins for Blog Posts

Why You Need to Create Multiple Pins for Blog Posts

Hey there! Pinterest is one of the best free ways to grow your blog traffic but you need to know how to drive traffic on your Pinterest. One of the ways to help boost your Pinterest is creating multiple pins for each blog post! I’m going to dive in on why you need to create multiple pins for each post.

Pinterest is a visual search engine and the algorithm wants to see you constantly sharing content, especially your own content. If you don’t post every day, you may not have that many pins of your own to share, that’s where creating multiple pins comes in to play!

You don’t want to spam Pinterest

Sharing your content on Pinterest is crucial in gaining traction and pleasing the Pinterest algorithm. But, Pinterest doesn’t want you to keep sharing the same pins on the same boards, they look at this as spammy and could even shut your account down over this. We don’t want that. This means that you need to create multiple designs/templates for each blog post so you can have them on hand to share. If you’re using a scheduler, like Tailwind, then it’ll be easy to share these designs to all of your boards.

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Sometimes you need to shake things up to gain traction

Some title formats look better with a certain pin layout, plus it just adds a little variety to your Pinterest account. Using different pin designs will help your pins stand out to users, and could be the difference in someone clicking your pin or scrolling by and clicking someone else’s on the same topic. Sometimes users need your content shown to them differently than what they’ve been seeing to make them want to click it. This is where you create multiple pins per post, but make sure that they’re designed according to your style guide.

Here’s how I create multiple pins

I use Canva to make my Pinterest graphics. I have four main colors that I use in my branding, so I created templates of designs in each color. As of right now, I have 17 different designs in the templates folder. Yes, I create 17 different pin designs for each blog post, but having the templates makes it very easy. All I have to do is just add an image and change the default “Add Text Here” to the post title. It does take a little bit of time since some posts have different fonts, but it’s much easier than starting from scratch for every single post.

These are just six of the template graphics I have on Canva from one of my most recent posts. These are the ones I use for most of my posts and share most often.

How to Create Multiple Pins for Blog Posts

I add three images to my blog post by using the plugin Final Tiles Gallery and then the rest I add as hidden images using the plugin Tasty Pins. This shrinks them so they’re not huge images taking so much space, but when you share them to Pinterest, they’re full size. Not every pin design has seen my Pinterest profile as of right now, but I have them available if I want to share them. I share about half of the designs that I make right now.

I know it can seem daunting to create multiple pins for blog posts, but if you take the time to make templates for yourself, it’ll make it easier in the long-run. You’ll just need to plug in an image, change the text, and voila you’re done! It’s become so easy for me to create images for my blog posts.

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  1. I never even thought about this. I will definitely need to look into this. I always tend to forget promoting on pintrest too.

  2. Thanks for the great tips. I got lucky and literally went from 25k to now 715k monthly viewers in a month. I blog about Rae Dunn and a couple of posts went viral. It’s halloween so a very popular time. I’m afraid this is very short lasting and now just trying to know keep up!!!!

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