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Hey there! This post is not like most of the others that I have posted before. Don’t worry, Creatively Lauren isn’t going anywhere right now! I just want to talk about the reasons why I got discouraged with the blog which contributed to me letting my blog fall to the back burner.

Wrong is such a strong word to use. It sounds like I’ve failed at my blog, and sometimes I do feel this way. After a couple of weeks of not posting, when I would think back, I felt like a failure. I would think to myself “after all of this time you just stopped posting” and would beat myself up over it. After awhile I wouldn’t think about it as much and when I did it would still make me sad. At the beginning of the year I thought about posting, but I decided that I would wait until after the wedding to start up the blog again.

How did things go wrong

I know I didn’t. But things did go wrong, that led to me becoming discouraged in my blog. In May 2017, I started really following a lot of people like Melyssa Griffin, Mariah Coz, Sarah Morgan, and others. These women are absolutely phenomenal at what they do, they are the definition of #girlboss! I started religiously reading their posts, watching webinars, taking their free courses. I got ideas that I could do this too! So I tried to come up with ideas, but I kept reading their posts, etc. I got so ooverwhelmed. The ideas that I would come up with, wouldn’t really fit my blog but I still tried to force them to fit. I got discouraged, I didn’t even want to blog anymore. I lost myself, I trying to take Creatively Lauren in a direction that it didn’t want to go in, and shouldn’t have. Everything felt forced and blogging wasn’t fun anymore.

That when I realized it went wrong.

It wasn’t fun anymore. I know blogging is like a job, and jobs aren’t always 100% fun, but blogging used to be fun. As I was sliding down this slope, it seemed to become more stressful and discouraging. I would go some time without posting, but then force myself to write another post and the cycle would repeat. I think that is why at the end of the year, I was more okay with just not posting. I was trying to talk about things that I really didn’t know about, just to do something that I thought was the next thing to do. While doing that, I was completely disregarding my blog.

So, what’s next?

Now I’m going to be posting again. Yay! I’m going to be posting about things that I want to post about. Yay! I will be continuing to create passive income, however I think I will mostly be doing that through my Etsy Shop Arizona Designs Co, at least for now. I encourage you to check it out. I have social media templates, media kit templates, and other things to help bloggers with their blog. We will see. I’m going to be taking things slow for now, get back into the swing of things. Right now, just blogging is a-okay with Creatively Lauren.

I’m sorry to anyone I may have let down. I’m sorry to anyone I may have disappointed with trying to force something that was not genuinely me. I’m sorry to anyone I may have turned away by my choices. I really am sorry. I’m hoping you give me and Creatively Lauren another chance.