Friday Favorites: Coffee Table Books

Happy Friday! This past week was my first full week of summer and yesterday I went to an open interview for Piedmont Airlines! {I should hear back by next Wednesday} Back to the favorites! These are some awesome coffee table-type books {most that I don’t own, some that I do! But yes, I do want all of these!} I would actually use these books everywhere but a coffee table; on my desk {that I will get soon} and on a night stand or something. I will use them in places for a filming background

The Her Campus Guide to College Life {I don’t own}

First, I highly suggest reading this book first if you’re a college student, future college student, or a mother of one. But I also think that it would just make a cute book to sit on your coffee table!

The Official Preppy Handbook {I don’t own}

I’ve heard some great things about this bok; I’ve heard it’s a satire and a hilarious read.

Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teenagers {I don’t own}

I mean, who doesn’t want a bit of Tiffany Blue on their coffee table? I definitely do! Seriously, I do.

The Royal Family: A Year by Year Chronicle of the House of Windsor {I don’t own}

If you’re into the Royal Family, this book would be perfect for your coffee table! I find the Royal Family interesting, I think this book could be interesting as well!

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomedy {I own}

This book is an interesting read, but the metallic blue-green would make a nice pop of color on any coffee table!

I hope you found these interesting! I’m always on the search for cute decor books! Do you have any “coffee table” books that you’d recommend?


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  1. I just recently purchased The Her Campus Guide to College Life! So far I'm loving it, and I definitely agree that it is a great coffee table book, both for just reading and adding a bit of color and cuteness. Thanks for the recommendations!Hailey – http://www.asouthernsunshine.com

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