Motivational Monday #2

Well, we’re already one month through 2015 {it’s already flying by!}. Here is this month’s Motivational Monday!

Take a break when you need one

I’ve learned that you only have 24 hours in a day. There is not enough time for you to do every single thing that needs to get done. Your body just physically not handle going 100% all of the time. Your body will tell you when you need a break and I’ve learned that it is best to listen to it. You may think you know best but your body truly knows best when it comes to needing a break. Your body does so much for you, give it a break when it needs one!

“Even the darkest nights will end and the sun will rise” – Do You Hear the People Sing? Les Miserables

If you don’t know where this is from, it’s from Les Miserables {One of my favorite movies}. However this holds so true. There are 24 hours in a day and when the clock strikes midnight whatever happened the day before is over and done with. You can’t change it or do anything about it. The only thing you can do is move forward and better yourself. Every night the sun sets and even during those darkest nights, the sun will rise and bring light to your life.
“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

This has been something that I’ve applied to my life many times. From when I was struggling in high school thinking I wouldn’t make it to college, to trying out for softball, to even starting this blog! In a way I do believe that it is true and I’ve seen it in other lives besides mine. An example would be Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez. She competed four times in California before winning Miss Nevada USA and then Miss USA. Another example is my cousin who was drafted by the Cardinals in 2011. His dream is to play in the majors and he’s closer than ever! I still have many dreams that I want to achieve and in the right time will hopefully be achieved. Regardless of what you’re dream is; it will take hard work but if you can dream it, you can do it!

I hope you make February a good month for you! What are some your motivational quotes for the month?!


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  1. Ahh great post – definitely what I needed after the day I've had so far! Les Mis is definitely one of my all-time favorite movies, too!xx, MikkaelaThe Southwestern Prepster

  2. GREAT post and I know in my heart, YOU will achieve those things you really want in life… you are already doing it. Very proud of you and all that you do!

    1. That's awesome! That's exactly what I thought! No better day than Monday!Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

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