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Here are ten of my favorite things from 2014!

One Arizona State University: I love ASU and I love everything about it. I love the classes, the teachers, the scenery and everything else. It is truly a beaufitul school and Arizona is a beautiful state. There is so much to see and being in Phoenix I’m only about two hours away from Flagstaff and the snow, but I can live in the warmth of the sun. Arizona truly is the Valley of the Sun but it is wonderful! Besides the scenery I just love the school and all that they offer. The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism is offering a new sports journalism major but I just can’t leave the New College School of Humanities Arts and Culture {and I just can’t choose what to do with my life, but that’s beside my point}. There are so many possibilities within ASU I get so overwhelmed going through them! It’s wonderful!

Two  Pepsi-Cola Throwback: A couple of months ago, Pepsi released their throwback soda made with real sugar. I love Pepsi but when I tried the real sugar ones; I fell in love with Pepsi all over again! I know I “shouldn’t drink soda” and “it’s not healthy for me” but I like it, so I’m going to drink it! After drinking this Pepsi, I struggle drinking the “regular” Pepsi. I can taste all of the artificial sugar and junk in it. The throwback Pepsi tastes better and doesn’t upset my stomach {and yes I try to drink more water than soda}.

Three  Gossip Girl: Yes I know Gossip Girl ended in 2012, but I found it on Netflix and watched it this year. I see what all the buzz is about around the show, it is a really good show; I was hooked. It only got better as the seasons went on. I won’t release who Gossip Girl is BUT {for those who know} I didn’t see it coming! I didn’t expect that person to be Gossip Girl but when they explained why, it made a lot of sense. I didn’t know it was based off of books at first but now that I know, I will be trying to find them and read them.

Four  Netflix: Netflix is great; when there is nothing on TV I can just turn on our AppleTV and use Netflix. With most shows, I start watching after they first air or after even after they end{like Gossip Girl} so Netflix is helpful in letting me watch those shows that may not air on TV anymore. I also like finding and watching documentaries on interesting subjects. On Netflix I found Orange is the New Black and became OBSESSED with it {there wasn’t enough slots to give OITNB it’s own section} and I can’t wait for new episodes!

Five Twitter: I love Twitter. I love it so much I have three accounts. One is my personal, one is my anonymous, and one is my Twitter for my Dodgers blog {yes I have another blog}. It is hard to run all three accounts; I’m mainly on my personal and anon. However I like Twitter because I can share my blog posts and my thoughts. Although recently I have been going through and deleting some things and cleaning up my personal account; I’ve realized you do have to be careful what you post online.

Six Blogger: I love Blogger, it makes running my blog very easy. It is from Google and I always love Google. I also love my blog and everyone who reads it! My blog is something I take seriously but also try to have fun while running it. I’m thankful that Blogger is simple and easy to use otherwise I probably wouldn’t have started this blog.

Seven Lake Tahoe: Don’t worry I’m not going into my vacation again. This time I’m talking about the area of Lake Tahoe. I’m from southern California and I thought that was pretty but I’ve never seen anything like the Tahoe area. Lake Tahoe is truly beautiful. Beautiful blue skies {with ZERO smog}, so many big trees and you don’t hear the buzzing of cars wherever you are. If you ever get a chance I highly suggest visiting Lake Tahoe; it is truly breathtaking.

Eight Pentatonix: Pentatonix is an a capella group and they are a great one. Matt and I went to their concert in February and knowing that they are just as good {if not better} in person as opposed to their recordings, shows how much talent they truly have. They got their start on Sing Off; they won and now they are touring all around the world!

Nine Chicago Fire: Chicago Fire is one of my favorite shows running right now {it may be the top one, I can’t decide}. It follows a firehouse in Chicago and has a lot of drama and humor and balances both so well. The writers do a phenomenal job putting this show together for us. I can’t wait for it to come back in early January!

Ten Books: I love reading; I don’t do it as often as I would like to though. If I get caught in a good book I will read for hours and hours. One of my favorite genres is dystopian. I don’t know why but I find those books fascinating. 1984 is definitely one of my favorite books and I’m in the middle of reading Brave New World right now. I can’t wait to find more books in the genres I like and continue to read.

What are some of your favorites?


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