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Do you ever spend the day doing nothing? Just take a day off to yourself and watch some Netflix? So do I! I wanted to start a series called “Netflix Binge” and talk about shows that {you and} I can just binge watch with zero shame.

So I wanted to start with House of Cards. House of Cards is a Netflix original series and the first season was released in 2013. The third season was released this past February. The episodes are called chapters and there are 39 total. Also, on April 2 it was announced that there would be a fourth season; which would be released sometime in 2016.

As of right now, I’m on episode 20 {season 2, episode 7} and I love this series. Now I should warn you, it gets pretty crazy but it’s so easy to get hooked on; I look past the crazy and still love the series.

I definitely suggest checking it out, it’s very intriguing and easy to get hooked on. {Plus Kevin Spacey’s voice is oddly soothing}. So check it out!

What do you like watching on Netflix?


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