Happy Monday!

Although I am a blogger, I am also a full-fledged college student and this coming week is one of the biggest ones for ASU. It is now Hate Week, or in a nicer term Territorial Cup Week. This is the week before the ASU vs. University of Arizona game. We will be fighting for the Territorial Cup on Friday 11/28 and this game is very important to us Sun Devils.

Many college football rivalry games have an important name and/or trophy. Our trophy is called the Territorial Cup. I’m not quite sure if our game has a fancy name. We won this game last year and we intend to keep the Territorial Cup in Tempe.

One thing that really goes with this game is guarding the “A”. By that I mean that we have a mountain next to our football stadium that has an “A” on it. It is called “A Mountain”; I know so original. Anyway, during the week before the football game, we have a group of people who stay up near the “A” and protect it from U of A students who try and paint our “A” red and blue. We are very thankful for that group of students.

What is/was your college rivalry game called?


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