Well today is Saturday and I am planning to get some items checked off of my checklist.

First, I have some online class assignments due; I don’t have many but they are there waiting for me to do them.

Second, I need to clean up around the apartment so it doesn’t get too cluttered. An uncluttered apartment helps me focus on school because then I don’t feel like I have to clean on top of going to classes during the week. Also, Matt and I have to do our weekly grocery shopping.

Third, I’m probably going to do some writing and crafting because I love writing and crafting and they’re a lot of fun so why not! They help me relax and destress so I can get ready for the week ahead.

Lastly, I have to cheer on my Sun Devils as we take on Notre Dame here in Arizona at 1:30PM! Although I won’t be going to the game, I will be watching on TV! Go Devils!

Who’s your favorite college football team? It’s an exciting part of the season!


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