Ready to Start Your Own Blog?

Hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m Lauren Albright, the creator, and founder of Creatively Lauren.

I’ve been blogging and creating since July 2014 and it’s been a long and fulfilling journey. I started my blog because I wanted to share my thoughts in my own little space. I felt I had nowhere to go and nothing that was mine. Over time, I realized that I loved my blog and loved helping people through my blog.

What’s My Mission?

When I rebranded my blog in 2016, I decided that I wanted to help others unleash their creativity. Many people are stuck in their own routines, at jobs that don’t inspire any creativity that’s riddled with strict rules. Our brains aren’t entirely built that way. Creativity helps make life much more enjoyable. I want to help others unleash their creativity and help them find their voice in their own corner of the internet. I’ve always loved writing so I wanted to write about things that made me happy, which is helping others succeed with their blogs.

I always believe in helping others, not tearing them down. I believe in community over competition. There is room for everyone on the internet.

On Creatively Lauren, you will find a lot of good information. You will find tips and tricks on how to start your own successful blog. You’ll also find tidbits of my life experiences, like general lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and travel experiences!

Where Should You Start?

That’s entirely up to you! Here’s what I have to offer!

Looking to start your blog?

Sometimes starting a blog can seem overwhelming. I’ve put together a comprehensive resource with steps on how to start your very own blog!


Need some resources?

Already started your blog but looking for the resources that the pros use? You’ll want to see our complete and comprehensive list of blogging resources!

Want to join the Initiative?

Join the Lifestyle Blogger Initiative and get access to all of my freebies!

Still navigating through college?

I know how hard college can be, that’s why I shared all about my college experience in hopes to help others with theirs.

Welcome to Creatively Lauren! I hope I’ve helped you succeed with your blog or college experience. I also hope you’ve enjoyed your time here!

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