How to Set Up Your Pinterest for Success

How to Set Up Your Pinterest for Success

Hey there! Pinterest, if used correctly, can be a game changer for your blog traffic. It’s currently my biggest traffic referrer and my favorite social media platform to use.

How to Set Up Your Pinterest for Success

Pinterest is one of the best free ways to grow traffic to your blog. However, you need to set your Pinterest up properly so your Pinterest can work for you.

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Set up a Business Account

If you’re going to use Pinterest as a traffic referrer, then you’re going to want to set up your account as a business account. A business account allows you to use analytics, claim your website (and other social channels), and other tools to help you grow your Pinterest. Pinterest analytics are very important to help you improve your Pinterest. Currently, their analytics is a little bare, but they’ve been working on improving their analytics platform. Basically, if you’re going to want to make money from your blog, then you’re going to want a business account so you can track how Pinterest is helping you.

You can convert your personal account into a business account (what I did) or you can create a new account from scratch specifically for your blog. I find nothing wrong with switching your personal account to a business account. You can just archive the boards that don’t really fit with your blog. However, if you think that your personal Pinterest account and the theme of your blog’s Pinterest account are going to be too different, then you can definitely start again.

Treat Pinterest Like a Visual Search Engine

Pinterest is often referred to as a social media site, but it really is more like a visual search engine. Looking for a new recipe? Go to Pinterest. Looking for your next DIY project? Go to Pinterest. Looking for wedding inspiration? Home decor inspiration? Pinterest is always the go to. Pinterest isn’t just posting gorgeous pictures to get click-throughs to your website. You have to make people find these images when they search for them. That’s where the search engine part comes in. You have to use keywords in your description so that when people search using those keywords, your pins come up.

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Use Keywords in Your Name and Description

You want your Pinterest profile to be able to found by pinners, so they can find your pins and eventually make their way to your website. Since Pinterest is more of a visual search engine, you have to use keywords even in your name and account description so that when they search for those keywords, your profile comes up. My current name shows as “Creatively Lauren // Lifestyle + Blogging Strategist”, those are the top two things I really talk about and want people to search for to find me. Then, I also mention the keywords in the description to emphasize those terms. It’s important to add them in both spots.

Use Branded Board Covers

You want your profile to look pleasing to your possible followers and cohesive. Board covers also make it easier for your possible followers to see what your boards are about. The key thing is, you don’t just want to use black and white covers, you want them to be branded. Whether you use style stock images, or just your brand colors and fonts, you want the board covers to match your brand and be recognizable to your audience. You want them to know that they’re looking at your content.

If you’ve done the above steps to set up your account, and you’re ready for some more advanced Pinterest advice, then you’ll want to take Ell Duclos’ Pinterest with Ell course. This is hands down the best course for Pinterest beginners, and it’s only $32. She does go over some of the things in this post already in the first section, but she also talks about Tailwind, which is a key to Pinterest success. She shares Pinterest strategies and how to make affiliate sales through Pinterest. So, if you’re ready to take your Pinterest to the next level and grow your blog traffic, then I highly suggest investing in this course.

Let’s chat! Are you ready to get your Pinterest ready to bring blog traffic? Do you have any other Pinterest tips? Let me know down in the comments!

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