Spring Break Plans

As of 11:45am on Thursday, I will be on Spring Break until Sunday March 15th! Only two days away! So here is what’s planned for Spring Break!

I’m starting my Spring Break by traveling to Palm Springs om Friday for a family wedding on Saturday! I’ve been so excited for this wedding since I found out and the fact it’s three days away is fantastic!

Saturday is the wedding in Palm Springs. It’s at a hotel that our family went to when I was a little kid, like really little. {My immediate family always stayed at the hotel next door on our trips.} Anyway, the fact it’s being held at the Esmeralda makes me so happy! I plan on bringing Matt’s camera and taking pictures of the hotel and everything. However, I won’t be taking pictures of the ceremony out of respect for my family.{Funny story, I’ve actually gotten lost in this hotel when I was little!} I’m so excited to see my family, especially my cousin Kelly! I haven’t seen her since a family funeral and she’s only a year younger than me! But I’m so excited to see her and hang out with her for a couple of days!

Sunday, we’re leaving {sad I know, but Matt has to work Sunday afternoon} but I’m so happy that we’re staying for two nights.

Monday is…..Matt’s and my TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Yay!!!!! All I know is that we’re going somewhere and have tickets to do something.I haven’t tried to snoop, I want to be completely surprised! I’m so excited!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

The rest of the week is really unplanned. Matt has to work at the airport Tuesday and Wednesday. So there isn’t anything else planned.

I’m happy to have the free time to be able relax but I’m also excited for the things that we have planned to do!

If you have a Spring Break coming up, what do you have planned?


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