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Well this year’s Super Bowl has come and gone. The Patriots beat the Seahawks 28-24 in a very exciting game! It was awesome knowing the Super Bowl was held here! So many people came to visit our wonderful state and I hope they enjoyed their time here!

Anyway, here are my thoughts from the Super Bowl:

Budweiser “Lost Dog” Ad

I actually saw this commercial before the Super Bowl but seeing it today was still sad. It is such a cute commercial that touched many people! The most emotional part is where the dog is face to face with a coyote and the iconic Clydesdales come and save him and take him home! It was definitely a good commercial put on by Budweiser!

The Domestic Violence Abuse Prevention Commercial

This was one of the most serious commercials that I’ve seen air during the Super Bowl. This was the very first {and hopefully not the last} domestic violence commercial aired during the big game. This commercial was based off of a real call. What you hear the woman say; is something that has actually happened. This story is real, domestic violence is real and it’s time to talk about it. Please check out nomore.org to see how you can help end domestic violence.

Dove Men + Care Commercial

This was the first of the many dad-oriented commercials that aired last night. It was featuring children calling out for their dads! What could be cuter?! I loved this commercial because many people tend to forget about the dads. It’s always “mom this” and “mom that” and it seems like dads get left in the shadows. Well dad’s, it’s your time to shine!

Nationwide Commercial

Now this commercial has stirred up some controversy; and it’s not surprising why. It stars a young boy who lists things he cannot do. About twenty seconds into the commercial he states it’s because he died. It got very real, very quickly. However the point they seemed to be making was that Nationwide could prevent accidents from happening. {They mean accidents like your TV falling, a drowning, etc.}. I don’t agree with this commercial because insurance will not prevent accidents; it doesn’t work like that.

The Pepsi Halftime Show

I’m always ready to watch the halftime show! One of my favorite parts is the performing stage! It’s huge, and they have only fifteen minutes or so to get it out and put it all together! It’s crazy! Anyway, I thought the show was pretty good! My favorite part was the dancing shark! {Click here to see them}. I even asked my mom how she’d feel if I did that after I graduate and she said she’d be fine with it. Apparently my dad said it’d be okay only if they got tickets to see me! {My family is great!}. Anyway I thought the show was a success! I love Katy Perry so I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Did you watch the Super Bowl?! What did you enjoy?!


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