Happy Tuesday!

Two days until Thanksgiving! Yay!

This Thanksgiving I will be staying in Arizona, like I did last year. Matt and I will be making turkey together (because I definitely can’t do it by myself) and we’re going to make our own Thanksgiving dinner. We’re going to have Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and stuffing. I’m very excited because we didn’t have the “full” Thanksgiving dinner last year.

We’ll also be watching football (well at least I will be). Back home we always watched football during the holiday, whether it was just my immediate family or if my whole family got together (like we do on Christmas). Football during the holidays is just tradition!

I will also be relaxing on Thursday. I missed class today and yesterday because I have felt very under the weather so it will be good to have days to recuperate and not have to worry about classes I have missed and the work that needs to be done. I will also take the time to relax because the next week is the final week of classes (YAY!) and then the following week is finals (BOO!).

Friday is the U of A football game, so I have to take Thursday to mentally prepare. This game is a big deal to both of these schools so taking the day to prepare is a must. If you’ve been in college and had a rival school, you know how this feels. You just want to crush them into the ground and if you don’t then it’s disaster.

Last but not least, I will talk to my family! Since I won’t be home this year for Thanksgiving it is very important that I talk to my family on Thanksgiving. They have done so much for me and it is the least I can do to give them a call and say “hello” to them. I of course miss them but Matt has to be back the next day to get ready for work on the weekend and I don’t want him to be here alone on Thanksgiving because that isn’t fair.

I’m very excited for Thanksgiving this year. Even though I won’t be home I believe that it’ll be a great holiday this year!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Don’t forget to take the poll on the side of the page! Only 5 days left!


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