Five Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest to Grow Your Blog Audience

Hey there! Today I want to talk about one of my favorite platforms, Pinterest! Pinterest is so important to blogging because it is a visual search engine, making it completely different than other social media platforms. It’s about the images as much as the captions, if not more.

So, Pinterest is my favorite tool to use in blogging, it is also the one I (currently) have the most followers on. The one thing I like about Pinterest is that it is visual, it’s mostly about the images. If you have captivating images and clickable titles, people will click on them.

There are about 200 million active monthly users on Pinterest.

That’s a lot! That means that you can have a huge audience on Pinterest. Not only is the user base large, they are also actively looking for content on Pinterest. That many people on the platform, it can be easy to find and build your audience, without that much work. I hear people talking about Pinterest all the time, especially millennials. They are always on Pinterest searching for something to try and even to buy.

Pinterest is for any niche.

This is one reason I love Pinterest. You can look up just about anything on Pinterest. You can look up fashion ideas, beauty posts, online entrepreneur posts, auto posts, food posts, DIY, home decor, and so much more. It doesn’t matter what you blog about, Pinterest can be the platform for you, even if you have a very specific niche. As long as you have clickable and eye-catching images, people will want to click on your pins.

Their search function is awesome.

Like I mentioned before, users are actually searching for content,  and that is something that Pinterest has over other platforms. Yes, there is a home page that shows relative content to what the user has pinned, but the search is what Pinterest is known for. When you search for something, it gives many narrower options to help guide the search. People are searching for things to try, and it is important to have catchy titles on your images so they want to read and try what you are offering to your audience.

Being able to use group boards helps foster collaboration between bloggers.

I am part of many group boards on Pinterest, I even started my own group board. Group boards allow you to expand your audience even if you don’t have many followers on your own profile. That’s why if you’re a new blogger, it is important to find a couple of group boards in your niche to join to help get your content out there so people can find your blog and follow you. Make sure that if you do join any group boards that you follow the rules that the owner has.

Pinterest is a fun platform to use

I love using Pinterest and I honestly use it for everything. I use it to search blogging posts, recipes, I used it for wedding inspiration, I even use it for bullet journal inspiration. Because it is so fun and easy for me to use I don’t have a problem growing it. I love pinning others content and sharing what I like. When you have a platform that you like using, it’s easy to spend time on it to help grow it.

Do you already use Pinterest? What do you like about it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I completely agree! I’m always on Pinterest, whether looking for vacation tips or fashion tips, recipes and just.. everything. It’s not just about pinning my content but it’s also fun to help others and pin their content. It’s just so amazing how much content there is out there and how much ideas people have. I can’t live without Pinterest (:

    Btw, I’d like to join your group board, emailed you!


  2. People often think that Pinterest is just for lifestyle bloggers and that it won’t work for a freelancer.

    If you’re creating content online you can pin it and there will be keywords on there that you can target. But you just need a plan, be consistent, and build a community if you want to get traffic from this free source.

    Great post

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