#WeddingWednesday Wedding Planning Update

Hey there! Today I wanted to share how wedding planning has been going! So, if you missed out, Matt and I got engaged back in March, I talked about that in my last #WeddingWednesday post, Our Engagement Story! It’s been just over three months since we’ve gotten engaged and I wanted to share just how far along we have gotten in wedding planning!

So, it has been about three months and we have gotten some stuff done. Although it never feels like enough. I’ve been using the wedding planning website The Knot to keep myself on track. I love that The Knot has a checklist page of all of the things that need to be done, as well as it being customizable. I definitely am a checklist kind of person. I also have a paper binder because I have to write things down otherwise I will not remember.

So, according to The Knot, we are supposed to have:

  • Decided on the city and season of the wedding
  • Figure out the budget, 
  • Begin the guest list, 
  • Research venues and go on tours, 
  • Decide on theme and colors. 

Also, by the end of this month, we are supposed to have:

  • Created a wedding website
  • Booked the reception and ceremony venues, 
  • Created beauty and wellness plans, 
  • Researched photographers, 
  • Blocked out hotel rooms for guests and 
  • Booked the wedding night hotel. 

WOW, that is a lot of stuff that we are supposed to do within the first three months, and it only gets crazier from there! Now that we are three months into this planning, let’s talk about the things that we have been able to cross off this list.

  • Decide on the city and season, Sedona Arizona in March 2018!
  • Figure out the budget, done!
  • Begin guest list, done!
  • Research venues and go on tours, done! I even shared about our first trip up to Sedona!
  • Decide on theme and colors, done! Teal, Peachy Orange, and Slate Gray!
  • Create wedding website, done on The Knot!
  • Book reception and ceremony venues, done! I’m so excited that we have a venue and date secured!

Now according to The Knot, this is about 14% of the wedding planning. That’s it! Now, the most important and concrete thing that I see on this list is the venue. That is something I was worried about securing for awhile. Once we found the perfect venue I was hoping to secure a date as close to March 9th as possible, since the 9th was already booked for another event. So, the date for our wedding is now going to be March 11, 2018! Ahh! It’s so exciting to finally have a secure date and not have to worry about securing a venue anymore.

What’s even better is that the venue comes with certain services already included and they have a list of preferred vendors for other services. I think this is incredibly helpful because I don’t know vendors or businesses in the Sedona area, I live in Phoenix and they are two completely different places!

We have looked at some other stuff, wedding invites and other stationary. I know that I also have to start looking for wedding dresses and although I’m excited for that, I’m also very nervous and I don’t really know why. I got some wedding magazine a little while ago and started trying to figure out the type and style that I want and what would look best.

So, that is the update on wedding planning! I hope you enjoy reading these updates!

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  1. LOVE the colors!!!! You will be a BEAUTIFUL bride no matter what the dress but I know it will be fantastic!!!

  2. Before my wedding I asked many last minute questions from the manager, and his answer was always: "we have that covered" or "no problem". It was extremely comforting. I am so thankful to the manager and staff from Chicago wedding venues for all of their efforts on our behalf.

  3. This is just outstanding. I am really in love with these details. We also would be attending a grand wedding at some local San Francisco venues. It will be a shabby chic themed DIY ceremony. Just can’t wait to be the part of my bestie’s big day.

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