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Today, many people are getting ready to watch the Pro Bowl and also get their plans ready for next Sunday’s Super Bowl {held in my state of Arizona!}. However today, I am scrambling to clean and organize the apartment and here’s why:

Tomorrow, Matt’s parents are coming here to Arizona for the Pro Bowl {Matt got them tickets for Christmas}. Since this will be their first time visiting here, they will {obviously} want to see the apartment. I have been constantly cleaning the carpets and vacuuming since Gary came and went earlier this month so it isn’t too much of a scramble. The thing that really need to get done is taking out all of the trash and boxes {it isn’t much but Matt takes out the food trash} and clean the dishes {so much fun}. A lot of the scramble {for me} is just also making sure that everything is neat and looks presentable.

I’m very particular when it comes to things being in their place and everything looking spotless and put together. Hopefully I will be able to get it all done with all of the homework that I have to do over the weekend as well. Wish me luck!

What are you weekend plans?


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