What to Buy Your Secret Santa

Hey there! Today I want to talk about Secret Santa! Secret Santa is something that many people do, mostly at work, but sometimes between families or at school. I’m mostly going to be talking about what to get your work Secret Santa.

Starbucks Gift Card

Just about everyone loves something at Starbucks. Get your Secret Santa a gift card and maybe a new reusable tumbler or cup and make their day!

A Cozy Blanket

It’s chilly and that means it’s cozy blanket weather. It doesn’t have to be something fancy, just something simple and soft will do! They can use it at work or at home, or in their car on their commute (which I’ve done, yes in Arizona!)

A Tie Bar

Something for the man in your office. A tie bar is a simple yet elegant accessory to the workplace outfit. You can get a simple sleek one or one with a little more flair to it, whatever you think works best!

Touchscreen Gloves

If you have a tech lover as your Secret Santa, this gift will be perfect. These gloves will let you continue to use your phone while keeping your hands warm, since most normal gloves don’t accommodate that!

A New Planner

It’s the end of the year and that means that it’s time to start getting next year’s plans in order. Get your Secret Santa a cute new planner for next year so they can get next year’s plans together!

A Funny Mug

Most people drink coffee when they get into work, so get them a mug with a funny, or smart ass, or cute saying on the side of it. There are so many funny mugs out there, you can get one that fits the personality of your Secret Santa.

What are some of your Secret Santa ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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