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Hey there! Today I wanted to do a fun, get-to-know-me type of post! I wanted to do a fun tag that has been floating around! It’s the “what’s in my bag” tag! It’s a tag that lets you get to know me a little bit more by what I carry around in my bag! It’s just a fun little tag to let you in a little bit!

So, before I tell you what is in my bag, I probably should tell you what kind of bag I have. Right now I’m using a Mossimo purse from Target that I found in my closet back home. It has two compartments that are separated by a zippered compartment in the middle. 

In the first compartment, I keep my wallet, my pen bag and highlighters, and my bullet journal and blog planner. I also got a little, lined journal to jot down blog post ideas on the go. I always take these items with me, even to work. I like This compartment also has the little cell phone holder pockets. In that pocket, I keep my little black work notebook, which is where I write down anything (like keystrokes, tips, etc) for work that I want to remember in the future. I also have a couple of non-planner pens that I use for work. I say non-planner because I’m notorious for leaving pens at work and needing new ones. So, I only use cheaper pens at work, I don’t want to lose my pens that I use for my planner!

In the other compartment is where things get messy. It seems much more “unorganized”. I have a little makeup bag from Sephora, the one that came with the gift card. In that, I have a little compact mirror, a hair tie, some cough drops, and usually my spare name bar for work. I also have my glasses case, with a cloth in it, because I seem to smudge my glasses every .5 seconds. I have a pair of headphones, and my phone charger, because when you work 10+ hours, your phone will need a charge!

Now, when I go to work, there are some other items that I throw into my bag, some of these I have because I don’t have a locker at work because our breakroom is being renovated. Some I take back and forth with me. I take my water cup, we have a really great filtered cold water system at work so I don’t have to purchase bottles of water. I usually leave this in my locker so I don’t have to remember to dump it out to bring it through TSA. I also have a hairbrush, that I like to leave in my locker. I also have my vest for work, this is one I bring back and forth (I usually keep a spare vest in my locker in case I forget it at home). I also usually have my scarf and my work badges in my bag (on work days) so I don’t forget them!

Unfortunately, at work, my bag has felt pretty heavy. This is partly because some of the things I take with my to work that I can’t keep in my locker currently. During work, I will usually put my water tumbler, in my bag with water in it, so that adds weight. I also sometimes have a bottle of soda in it which adds weight. I try to clean it out every week when I’m done with my “work week”.

That is what I carry with me in my bag! I hope you enjoyed this fun little tag! What do you carry with you in your bag?

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  1. I always keep a small mirror, cough drops, and hairties in my mini emergency bag in my purse. I've been in so many situations where I or someone else need one of those items and I can rescue them.-Kim :)www.simplybeingkim.wordpress.com

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