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Happy Tuesday!

I don’t know about you, but to me it seems 2015 is the year of minimal Christmas spirit. I mean Christmas is in three days and I’m not feeling like it, at all. 

Around the country, this is what I’ve been seeing. I mean, the temperature is late fall temperatures at best, it has barely snowed in many usually snow-filled places. It’s almost like “is this a joke? Are we really twenty-two days into December?” Yes, yes we are.

So what is one supposed to do with Christmas right around the corner? Well, regardless Christmas is coming, so act like it!

Watch Christmas Movies There are some Christmas movies that just put you in the right spirit and get you ready for the holidays. Sit down with your family and

Bake Cookies/Treats What could be better than your place smelling like holiday goodies? Baking {and eating} these goodies can help put you in the Christmas spirit quickly! Don’t forget to save some for Santa!
Holiday Drinks We all know that Starbucks has their holiday drinks which can quickly put you in the holiday spirit! You can also make your own holiday drinks at home, like hot chocolate! So make, or grab, your favorite holiday treat and relax at home!

Even though I don’t really feel like Christmas is three days from now, I’m very excited for Christmas! What are you doing for Christmas this year?


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